Do You Think Animals Have Souls?


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Cindy Liebau answered
Yes, I think God is love and that is what animals are about.
Stewart Pinkerton Profile
I believe they have whaever we have that you might call a soul.
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Ady Mat answered
Yeah every living creature has soul in it. The feel the same way the human feels. That's why killing animals is a barbaric act.
Monica Smith Profile
Monica Smith answered
Personally yes I do think that animals have souls. When I was going to church I was told different though. The church told me that an animal lives life by being told what to do..from us humans. Since that is how the animal can not determine from right and wrong...therefore, an animal does not have a soul. I would think that God would give all of his creations a soul...but that is just me.
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I am with you.... Humans may not be able to tell what is right or wrong either, if someone was observing the majority of us :)
Zaphod  Beeblebrox Profile
I don't believe in the typical definition of "soul". But I get the same sense of excitement and wonder when I think about it from a scientific perspective. All that makes us and them up, our entire being, our very souls, boils down to electrical impulses. And though I believe that when we shed this mortal coil, no consciousness will live on; I do not think it detracts from the miracle of the "soul".
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Zaphod  Beeblebrox
Just thought I'd add that my cat is dreaming in my lap, and she keeps twitching her paws. She's short circuiting.
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Thanks Demosthene, I have seen my cat do that as well :)
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LJ Bee answered
I believe they are spiritually connected to God, yes. I think their feelings are as true and valuable as ours. I don't think they perceive the world the same as us, though, but that is a good thing. If they did they'd act selfishly, carelessly and/or damage the environment and other species not their own just the way we do.
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Ilina answered
Of course, more so than many humans I've seen (saying in a hateful way, to obvious it up for you)
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Elizabeth Tyler answered
Yes becuz that would mean that we have no souls cuz we r animals as well. Besides if dophins also commite suicide i am quite sure they have souls have they have probs to make the want ta kill themselves.

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