My Pregnant Hamster Lays In The Corner And Makes Whimpering Noises, Is She In The Process Of Giving Birth?


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Yes. Nearing the day of the birth, the mother will start to look anxious. She will start to make squeaking noises, and you might see blood in the shavings. She will usually do a good job of cleaning the area, and you might see her eating something bloody, which should be the placenta. She will also lick the babies when they are born.

Do not touch the mother or the cage once she starts to give birth. If you do this, she will get scared and eat her babies. Make sure the male is removed from the cage, and also remove the water tray and leave a water bottle for the mother. Don't touch the cage, mother, or babies till they open their eyes.

Keep the mother well fed, and put the cage in a quiet place away from drafts so that she does not get cold.

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You also need to give her plenty of tissue (toilet tissue ripped up fine) to make nests. Nests are very important so that they are warm and it makes the mother feel that they are safe and she will not be as likely to feel the need to 'eat' them. I read that the more elaborate the nests the better chance they have of surviving. Mark of a good mommy.

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