If I Breed My ADBA Apbt With A Female UKC Apbt How Would I Get My Papers On The Pups?


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Sharon McKenzie answered
NO, not unless you first get both dogs registered with the same organization.  Both ADBA and UKC will register APBT's from each other's registries, and you will have to find out what the process to do so is.  UKC requires that an ADBA or AKC(AmStaff)-registered dog be inspected by a UKC judge who is approved to judge APBT's, and they can send you a list of the judges in your area, but it's up to you to contact them and set up an appointment.  It might be possible now to do so by video, but when I was still breeding APBT's, the judge had to actually put his/her hands on the dog.  You also have to provide a five-generation pedigree and a copy of the ADBA registration certificate.  ADBA's process for single-registering a UKC dog is probably easier, but again, you will need to contact them and find out what you need to do.  Unless both parents are registered with the same organization, you will not be able to register the litter, and therefore cannot obtain individual certificates on the puppies to give to their new owners.

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