How Do I Get Akc Papers For My Dog?


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john pawluk answered
How can we get a another set of akc papers ?  Ours were lost
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KR- myopinions answered
AKC papers are proof of a lineage that has been tracked (pure bred) so the application for registration comes from your breeder after they have registered the litter (provided you were purchasing an AKC registerable puppy in the first place). The sire and dam must be registered in order to register a litter. If you have the application then just fill it out and send it in or you can register online. If you don't and were supposed to receive an app. Then double check your contract to see if you were supposed to send in proof of spay/neuter or other requirements first. If you didn't purchase an AKC registerable puppy then you can still register with something like PAL and compete in some events.

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