How Can I Get My Dog Pedigree Papers Without Her Parents Details?


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I have 1  8 month bitch so can I get pedigree papers?
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I have a 18month old bitch but don't have papers and would like to get them so haw would I go about getting them?
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No you cannot. And without the papers your dog sadly wont be worth anything.
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You can get the papers
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You can't. Ask the breeder for them. If you just got the dog from someone who SAID it was pedigreed, you can't necessarily believe them. That's an old trick. But do NOT destroy the dog just because it's not papered. Sometimes the excessive in-breeding with pedigreed results in a messed up dog, physically AND mentally.
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Do you have a pedigree that maybe could be tracked back to an unbroken (that is key right there) line of pure bred dogs with a reputable registry? If not, no. Any 'papers' you got would be worthless and not worth the price of the piece of paper they are printed on. They would not have the same meaning as AKC papers or other reputable registry, totally different. If you give me a few bucks and I print you out a certificate on my computer right now with a registry I just made up does it change anything? No. Is it accurate and is there any reassurance there is? No. Could I say my Brindle French Bulldog was a Boston Terrier that way? Yes. If a Boston got my Frenchie but some looked like one and some the other could I register them as wither or like that? Yes. Would it be accurate or truthful, No. Could I do that with AKC or a reputable kennel club? NO WAY, I have to have the lineage to have any meaning behind the paperwork, and if I lied about the lineage or parentage not without getting caught, suspended and then having to print my own certifcates or having someone else do it anyway.....
Actual papers that mean anything and that you need for breeding follow the line for generations upon generations. A dogs lineage is an important factor when breeding since it involves their genetics and whether the dog you are breeding with is even a good match. If they don't have a tracked lineage such as with AKC, United, Canadian then there is no point to the papers (an unethical sham to dupe unsuspecting people into the impression of papers usually but do not mean anywhere near the same thing) and considered bad breeding and not a reasonable reassurance the pups are even pure bred.
Whether or not a dog has the appropriate paperwork and lineage is one of the first factors leading to whether or not they are good candidates for breeding and there are many more from there but you need to know that background. If your puppy doesn't come from a good responsible and knowledgeable breeder with good breeding practices your pup isn't usually going to be a good candidate for breeding either.
You do need their practices and paperwork to be in good order but even then with a puppy, you still don't know if they are going to be a breeding candidate for a very long time. Many breeders have pups that a year old or 2 years old it becomes apparent they are not a candidate, you can't tell with a puppy at all but the potential would come from your breeder and their practices and knowledge ( breeding any random dogs to have pups doesn't indicate good breeding practices). A breeder works and breeds their dogs with an eye towards improvement, not just to have puppies, that is the wrong motivation and not good breeding and doesn't usually result in pups worth breeding for any good reason.
If you are considering breeding all that needs to be considered and in place before getting a puppy. After it doesn't change whether they have the ability to be a good companion (they just shouldn't be bred) and they should be spayed or neutered for their health and so the cycle doesn't continue with your pup and their pups and on and on. :-)
Take a look at her, hug her and cuddle her and play with her and then ask yourself if having a litter of pups under those circumstances is worth her life to you anyways. Is having pups worth killing her? Can the pups contribute that much to the breed? Breeding is an intentional risk we take with their lives. It is always a risk and the choice we make. The less you know and the fewer responsible breeding practices you follow the more likely that is. How about having a pup that you created, that exists only because of you, after you have done everything for die in your hands inspite of it all? It's a lot of hard and sometimes heartbreaking work that has a bigger purpose than just having puppies. If you do things even remotely right you don't make a lot of money but you do lose quite a bit usually.
You can check whether your pup may be elligible for registration but you do need an accurate and tracked pedigree. If not, you probably have a lovely pet and can look into the PAL program once she is altered and can compete in events right alongside the AKC dogs except conformation (that one revolves around breeding quality) and have a great time together.If so, you may decide you don't want to breed after all once you learn what is really involved in being a good breeder. Good luck and have fun with your puppy.

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