My Blue Pitbull has raised bumps under her fur and looks as if the hair is raised from an irritation on the skin. The bumps have seemed to spread, they're all over her sides, legs and head. when I go to touch her she flinches as if it hurts her?


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She must be allergic to something, as my dog had the same thing, she's allergic to flees, and had really bad rashes all over her head, ear's and back.

Dog's can get pretty bad rashes or bump's on their skin when they have an allergic reaction. She might have hive's, but really I'm not sure. Here's a link for more information, this might help you.

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If your pitbull has raised bumps on his/her skin, then I think it could be one of three conditions:

1. Mange

A skin affliction that affects cats, dogs and other mammals... And is caused by tiny mites or parasites. The symptoms are itching, scars and scabs, or open wounds.

1. Skin infection

A general non-medical term used to describe any form of "dermatitis" or inflammation of the skin. There are a number of different causes for this.

3. Allergy

Is something that triggers the body's immune system into attacking, which causes symptoms like swelling, rash, sores etc...

Whichever of these 3 problems you suspect, the proper advice here would be to get a vets opinion after a full examination.

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