How Would I Go About Getting Pedigree Papers For My Dog?


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Hi I have just had a Siberian husky pup ,, and was told they weren't kc reg , but was told they full pedigree with papers ,, but received papers today and they are on a plain sheet of a4 paper going bk 2 generations ,, can you tell me if they are worth the paper they are wrote on thnks wendy ,,, and el
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Go to your breeder and he/she will sign you up for the group akc,.etc.
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If the parents ain't registered,then it's offspring can't be registered unless 2 dogs from your dogs generation is registered,but their offspings have to be registered.
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You have to get your AKC (or UKC if applicable and many are dual or other similar for your country) application from your breeder. Sometimes the contract says that you don't get the papers until you provide the proof of spay and neuter though so read through your contract first or make sure you were promised AKC application for registration. There are some pet registries but they aren't considered proof of a purebred and don't always (rarely) come with a pedigree. A pedigree is the family tree which is verifiable and tracked through the generations.
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A pedigree is the family tree and tracked lineage. Your little guy's individual pedigree would be a combination of the two you have. As far as actual registration and registration papers the breeder usually needs to register the litter first. It's all about tracking and lineage. It may be the breeders practices made the litter ineligible or something.
From the kennel club website in the 'find the right breeder' link (last link) it says; Under normal circumstances, litter registration with the Kennel Club takes about 14 days, after which time the breeder(s) will receive the registration certificates for all the puppies in the litter. If there is a query with the application the Kennel Club will contact the breeder to resolve and further action may be required which may delay the registration process.
*If the dog is advertised as Kennel Club registered, you should ensure that you take receipt of the Kennel Club Registration Certificate. You must then proceed to apply to the Kennel Club to transfer your dog into your own name. Please be aware that you will require the signature of the breeder(s) to complete this. If the registrations certificate is not available at the time of purchase, ensure that you receive an undertaking in writing from the breeder that this will be sent to you when available.
That seems to work the same for most reputable kennel clubs since it kind of involves their purpose. There are several links below. Over here the AKC has a program that dogs ineligible for actual registration can be registered with and compete in some events once altered. Maybe they have something similar if you are interested in doing something like that.
In most cases if pure bred and registered and/or showing or breeding are a consideration and the papers are needed or important it needs to be before getting a puppy since if they can't be registered with the primary reputable kennel clubs in the country it can't usually be changed after. If it wasn't important then, it's not really the end of the world now. It doesn't change or effect their ability to be a good pet or how much you guys love each other and he's healthy (hopefully) or anything like that and in the end that's the important thing. :-)
If they did advertise or promise registration with a reputable kennel club and you have that documented anywhere and now come to find the puppy is not eligible for registration you may have some recourse and possibly be able to get back some of your purchase price as they haven't fully provided everything they were supposed to and lived up to contractual obligations if you wanted to look into that.
The first four links are to the UK kennel club and you might do some exploring as well since there is tons of information and the fifth is to the UK breed parent club. Have fun with your baby.

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