I have a Red Devil and McCoy pitbull no papers and I also have a Red Devil and Eli,McCoy pitbull they had puppies and I am selling them right now and two have already sold is selling them for $100 to ask for they have no shots and no papers but they?


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The whole idea of AKC papers on any breed is PROOF they are 100% pure bred dogs, with out paper's there is no proof of pure bred, you can say all  day long they are pure bred, but have no papers. If any animal has no paper's it is not pure bred, it is as simple as that. Pure Bred dogs do not sell for 100.00, go to the pound and get one. With the laws on having mutts fixed, this is to stop people from selling dogs and saying they are pure bred, with no papers. The laws have it they MUST be fixed before they are 6 months old, you can't breed, by many state laws, check your state laws. If you have a pure bred and papers to prove it you can for 25.00 get a breeder's license and breed, registered AKC dogs. The law is trying to stop breeding of NON AKC dogs... Sell your puppies to good homes, you can try but your never sure if they go to good homes. Good Luck. I never trust people who say they are pure bred but I don't have the paper's, I always wonder what they are mixed with. I always buy AKC REGISTERED Dogs, I want to know what is in my dogs pedigree. The best blood in a dog is pure bred dogs with good bloodlines, so there is no dought they are 100% pure bred. You pay for what you get.

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