Where Do Pit Bulls Originate From? Where Are There Origins?


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Pit Bulls were raised in England to hunt. You will always notice how one is always sniffing in the yard or where ever they are. They can smell scents within 2 miles. As if a male was in heat and a female in heat is 2 or 3 miles away, they can smell the scent. Go to and ask the question and they provide excellent information about Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls make wonderful pets. They are NOT born to be mean. They are taught to be mean. Thanks, hope I was a help.
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The guest is right and also the pit was raised to protect their owners from bulls that tries to attack them. They are great hunters. A lot of people uses them when they hunt for pigs. Me I wouldn't want them to go hunting for pigs they can get killed by this and I would not know what to do if I lost any of mine. I do like to take them into the woods with me just in case. I know that they will look out for me.

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