How Much Can You Sell A Chihuahua For?


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I have 2: A 3 year old gril (3 lb .5 oz) and a 1 1/2 old boy (6lb 1 oz) I got my girl for $600 and my boy for $300. But they are not AKC
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I have a 1 year old and 1 week for $200
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Chihuahua is a breed of small dogs which are actually natives of Mexico. Actually it is the smallest breed of dogs in the world. This dog is named after a place in Mexico. They can be very fierce but they are also well known for their devotion. Actually Chihuahuas have a tendency to bite due to which it is not a suitable pet for small children. I believe that Chihuahuas as pets are quite expensive and would cost you a lot to buy one for a pet.

But the actual prize of a particular Chihuahua would depend on its health, its type and other such factors. All these things can be properly explained only by an expert on these dogs. Hence get in contact with them and find out as to what you would actually get on selling a particular Chihuahua.

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