Why Are Pit Bulls So Gassy ?


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Being gassy, could have a lot to do with the food you are feeding your Pit! Are you giving her any table scraps? If you are, then you need to stop! What is the name of the food you feed her? If it's a food that you bought in a Grocery Store or store like Walmart, all they sell is garbage food. These foods have a lot of grains in then, which can be part of the problem. Foods like Iams, Pedigree, Purina, Alpo, Beneful, Mighty Dog, Eukanuba, Science Diet and I"ve probably missed a few. You may want to change her diet to something more Holistic like:
Innova Evo
Blue Buffalo
California Natural
Eagle Pack Holistic
Chicken Soup For The Dog Lovers Soul
Natural Balance
Taste Of The Wild
and a few other great foods.These foods are more natural and they don't have a lot of unneeded grains in them. If you knew, what ingredients they put in commercial foods like the first foods I listed, then it would sicken you and you would not want to feed it to your dog. The Holistic foods are a little more expensive, but since they have the proper nutrients that your dog needs and not all the junk to go along with it, your dog has less gas problems, less vet visits, won't eat as much as she would with the other food, won't poop as much as she does with the garbage food and the Holistic food lasts longer, because of the fact that she will not eat to eat as much! You can get these foods online, or in a pet food store! Most of them carry these foods. In my opinion, when it comes to my dogs health I'm going to feed them the best I can afford! I feed my Chihuahuas a combination of Innova, California Natural and Halo and they are the healthiest, happiest dogs you could imagine. If you want to see what ingredients go into commercial dog food like Pedigree, Purina and all of the others I mentioned, go to Google Search and type in "Dog Food Conspiracy" and you will see why I would never feed these foods to my dogs. The ingredients are really disgusting and not at all healthy for your Pit! You can also type in "Dogfood Analysis.com" and that will list all the foods and what they are rated. You want to feed a food that has 4 stars or higher.
ADD: If you do decide to switch, do it gradually, because a sudden change in food can cause Stomach Upset and Diarrhea! Start off my feeding your Pit 75% of the old food and mix in 25% of the new food, then over about 2 weeks time, every couple of days, add a little more of the new food to the old food, until she's eating the new food only! I think it will make a tremendous difference in her being Gassy! If she shows any other signs of being sick, then a trip to the vet to have her checked out and make sure she doesn't have any underlying medical problems you are not aware of, would be a good idea. Good Luck! If I can help you more, just go to my profile and give me a shout. I will help you in any way that I can!
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Table scraps believe it or not are good for them, just don't give them any cooked bone. The best diet for your pit is infact what we ourselves eat. Chicken, pork, beef. You would be surprised whats in that processed food. I'm not saying to go out now and get rid of it, if it works, great! But unlike the person below me, do not stop the scraps, just watch which ones. Spicy food can upset their stomach for example, unless its my pit, who has a cast iron stomach :P

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