How Do I Get My Dog To Chase Or Attack Someone?


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Chasing the offending animal or person, half way, is probably enough already to make the animal or person leave .. Quick smart.
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Now, why in the world would you want to do that?  You could into BIG trouble in doing this. Your dog is a LOVING pet, nothing else.  Your dog is NOT an attack kind of animal. The breed is wrong.   Do this, & your pet will be forcibly taken away from you. Destroyed if dangerous to the public.  You will also be slapped with a BIG fine & quite possibly be put in jail. Think 2x about this.
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Believe it or not ripley. It is called guard dog training classes.depending on the type and personality of the dog will determine how long it takes to train the dog to obey commands.i watched a special on training drug dogs how to signal when they found their target and how to show their handler which person is carrying drugs. In some cases they would actually touch their nose to the bag or locker and in the case of the person they were trained to take them down depending on the area they were patrolling. It was very interesting to see a dog from a pound go from a untrained mutt to a highly skilled/trained drug dog worth over a hundred k. It took in some cases up to 6 months to train a drug dog. Then they went into showing a cadaver dog being was another mutt/hound/hunting dog that no one wanted. The man that trained him takes the dog to his house  and keeps them while training them.from everything to handling big noises/explosions to trains running right next to the dog. One of the dogs test was to find a scent bag in a football stadium out of thousands of seats with all the other smells from previous games. The dog found the scent bag in less than 2 hours out of the whole stadium.i guess it was to simulate finding a person in a collapsed building. Anyway i guess what i am getting at is don't expect your dog to become the perfect guard dog in a month or two.
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Anastasia (nickname: Anya)
Wow! I dont need him to really be a guard dog in a few months, i just want people to KNOW that i have a dog that has a threatening growl and a bark that makes everybody turn around ;)
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According to that dog whisperer fellow you can train a dog in a week not to go past the edge of the grass on your yard or past the threshold at the front of your house/apartment.but he doesn't say what he charges for this miracle training.: )
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Train it too, or send the dog to obedience school.

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