My Pomeranian Has Been Coughing And Gagging For Three Months. My Vet Can't Figure What Is Wrong With Him, Can You Help?


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Have you thought of Kennel Cough? My pit was walking around the house coughing and gagging for a couple of weeks and before taking her to the vet I figured I would do a search for help and her symptoms were the same as that. This may sound crazy but there were so many suggestions about putting 2 to 3 drops of peroxide in her drinking water and have her drink it. It is not harmful if you just put a very small amount. She immediately stopped the coughing and gagging. I have 4 dogs, 2 that are outside figured she may of got it from there association from other dogs outside. Everytime I filled her water bowl up I would repeat the process and she was fine. Every now and then I do that just to keep her okay along with my boy pit. Hope this helps. Good luck....
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Have you thought about a fur ball?  That happened to one of my Pugs, they lick their fur and get all clogged up, sometimes vets don't think of that, they only think it happens with cats, and if you give your dog the fur ball medicine you'll be amazed what he/she might cough up!
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My grandmothers pomeranian was put down this week they said it was a heart problen and that she would only get worse
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Have they checked his trachea? Small dogs like this often have theirs collapse or become blocked. An Xray of the neck should help to see.....

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