What Does It Mean If My Dog Is Coughing Or Gagging?


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When your dog is coughing of gagging it is likely to mean that there is some irradiation in the throat or the windpipe of the animal. The only way to treat this successfully is to take it to the vet so a test can be run and the condition can be treated correctly. There is nothing stopping you from having the best care for your dog. You can ensure that your dog is going to get the best treatment from the vet once the condition has been diagnosed.

Being able to ensure that your pet is fit and healthy is something that we all aim for. If your dog is coughing or gagging it is clear that there is something wrong, it could be a reaction to something or simply a condition that dogs can get, you will not know for certain unless you seek medical help, and this is only going to be provided by a vet.

With there many different diseases and conditions that can affect dogs, you will need to put your mind at rest and ensure that these can either be ruled our or treated so your dog can continue to be fit and healthy. Make sure that you don’t leave things too late and ensure that your dog can be treated today. Coughing and gagging is clearly not normal so make most of the information that you can find on the Internet and that the professionals can give to you. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it too long or ignoring the condition, it is only going to get worse and you can be sure that you are going to regret not going to the vets soon enough to get the treatment your pet deserves.

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Is choking occasional or permanent problem in your dog? If it is off and on then no need to worry. Chocking in dogs can be due to obstruction in air passage caused by  
  1. Constriction of neck
  2. Pulmonary edema
  3. Inflammation of throat
  4. Any foreign object including food particles and bones
Whenever, obstruction of air passage takes place in dogs, following symptoms may appear
  1. Gagging
  2. Drooling
  3. labored breathing
  4. Regurgitation
  5. Difficulty in swallowing
  6. Anxiety
You have to take your dog to vet and let him to do his job because he is professional.
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My little dog  has a heart murmur, and is old, eventually will die from heart disorder, he coughs and gags due to this condition, he is on medication for his heart condition which means I have kept him with me for  probably longer than if he wasn't on the meds, so this coughing and gagging is also due to congestive heart disease so if you can afford medication ( animal medication providers should be ashamed at the price of their products, not the vet who dispenses them) I say if because they are expensive, but they will prolong their life
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My dog was coughing for about two weeks I thought maybe allergies, I finally took her in and they said she was in pretty bad shape . They gave her some antibiotics and we went home , she passed the next day. My advise react to the problem quickly.
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Hi my staffordshire  bull terrier is 11 years old and she keeps coughing and gagging all the time it looks like she is going to be sick when she coughs I have told my vet this and all I get is its a staffordshire bull terrier thing and I'm worried
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It could be a nuber of things, but most commonly it has something stuck in her throat. Maybe harmless, and maybe not, you should probably have her checked out by your vet. If she doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort, other than the coughing, give it a day or two to see if she can dislodge it herself, but if she is obviously feeling bad, take her asap.
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It means that your dog is ill. And you need to take care of your dog. The disease can be very serious and your dog can die. Your dog's throat may be out of order as well.
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Yes my dog is been doing the same thing 4 about a week I really don't have the money 4 a vet I think that it is heartworm  can I just give my dog the heartworm pill with out going to the vet.
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You should differentiate between chocking and hiccups because both conditions have almost same symptoms. Obstruction of air passage in dogs can cause choking. Foreign object like food, balls, toys, bone, wood etc , inflammation of the throat, pulmonary edema and constriction neck injury can cause air passage obstruction. Symptoms of choking are drooling, gagging, difficulty in swallowing, labored breathing, regurgitation and anxiety.  

Hiccups occur due to spasm in the diaphragm and can be due to
  1. Eating quickly
  2. Gastrointestinal problems.

Persistent hiccups can be sign of some serious problems. You can discuss this problem with your local vet.
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I have a 12 1/2 year old male English bull terrier who has had a cough for about 3 months now he gags at the end
He has been exrayed and checked by the vet but couldn't see anything wrong with him. He has always had a heart murmur and I'm not sure if this could be linked he does sometimes collapse for no reason after a few minutes comes round and is fine again vet cannot find the reason would be grateful for Any advice
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Make sure she has plenty of water, in case of a throat obstruction. Take her to the vet if there seems to be any discomfort or pain.
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What does it mean when my dog is coughin? Ive already taken him a few months ago to get checked out and the vet told me it was very strange why he was doing it bc she didnt see it being a health problem and didnt see a point in going into a long drawn out process (with test) bc it can get really expensive and we still might never know why hes coughin but this morning he coughed up some blood with his wasnt that much.. He has been around a female in heat... And my mother in law did give him a rib bone yesterday so I'm not sure on what to do I duno if its from the female dog or the rib bone or if his cough is just getting worse please help me...vets arent open today
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Shes fine my dog does the same thing and I think it is just totally normal. My dog is completely fine last time she went to the vet, she was reported as a healthy dog so don't worry.

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