MY Dog Keeps Throwing Up, A Lot, And It's Really Chunky And Brown. And I Can't Figure Out What's Wrong With Him? What Can I Do?


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Too many things that could causing vomiting to even mention .. If you need to know something about vomiting is that chronic vomiting is a serious ailment.  Whether it has been caused from a food intolerance or from being poisoned or from some other medical ailment .. The only thing to do is to get a vet's advice.

It could may result in as easy a fix as changing food due to a food intolerance or allergy .. Or may result in far more serious treatment .. Who knows?  You won't know until you get it to a vet.

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This is common problem in dogs. This disease is called as inflammatory bowel disease. This disease may cause dog vomiting frequently. Sometimes dogs eat poisonous insects.
Take your dog to vet for proper medical checkup so that your dog can regain its health soon.

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