My Dog Has A Bad Cough And Is Bringing Up Flem What Can I Give Her ? She Has A Vet Appointment On Monday. She Can't Even Sleep.


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Best thing to do would be to have her seen before monday if she is that bad if you can. You can't give her anything without knowing what is wrong and other necessary information. It may make things worse or poison her. It could be the completely wrong thing to do without knowing what the problem actually is.  Suppression can lead to pneumonia more quickly sometimes or your pup may not have a cold. If she's mainly coughing at night other things can be a possibility. Your vet may prescribe something for that if it seems your pup may be in danger of collapsing trachea or something but they need to evaluate first. Meds are the number one cause of poisoning in our pets, given intentionally by well meaning family that don't know enough or accidentally ingested.. For now, the only thing you might try is sitting in a room with her with a vaporizer that she does not have access to (even though you are with her) a couple times a day or so to try and ease her breathing in a safer manner and see if that helps. If you do that do not put her directly in the steam or anything, just sit in the room for a few minutes. Hope she's feeling better soon.

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