What does it mean when my dog vomits his water out, doesn't eat, and barely moves and walk? What can I do to help him? He has been like this for three days!I I really don't want to lose my dog so help! He is a year and five months old.


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John Doe answered

Take him to the vet! It's really your only option. Your dog will become dehydrated if he's vomiting and if he's not walking or p laying, something is seriously wrong. Take him to the vet.

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Lynn Blakeman answered

If your dog is vomiting his water and acting lethargic you really do need to get him to the vet right away, make an emergency appointment if need be, he needs treatment now!

Normally when a dog vomits it can be a number of things. He may have eaten his food too fast (my cat does this all the time!), has a stomach upset, has eaten something that hasn't agreed with him, etc. If he then acts normally apart from the sickness, he can be treated at home.

It's usually a case of taking away food for a day and just offering small amounts of water, maybe with ice cubes to encourage him to drink).

When a dog is hardly moving and bringing up water there is something more involved going on, and you really can't take any chances.

Please let me know how your dog is now, I hope he is his normal, waggy tailed self again.

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