My Dog Has A Honking Cough. Can I Give Her Something Over The Counter For It If So How Much?


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A honking cough can be a sign of kennel cough, tracheal collapse (yorkies are prone to this disease), stenotic (too small) trachea, heartworm disease, or heart disease.
You can try Robitussin DM (2 milligrams per milliliter): Give 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight up to every 6 hours.  The dose for a small dog is usually 1/8-1/4 of a teaspoon but dosing by weight is more accurate.
It is best to have your dog examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of the cough.  Knowing what you are treating means you are more likely to treat it successfully!  If your dog is lethargic, won't eat or drink, or has nasal discharge she needs to be examined by a veterinarian.
For dogs with tracheal collapse use a harness instead of a collar for walks etc.
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Dogs can cough due to infection (kennel cough), tracheal trauma, asthma, heart disease, and pneumonia among others. 
However what your dog may be doing is called a reverse sneeze.  It is when dogs suck air in quickly through their nose then expel it through their mouth.  It results in kind of a snort/cough noise.  They will do this repeatedly for seconds to minutes.  Sometimes calming the dog down will settle an attack.  This is a benign condition that typically results from nasal irritation. 
Have your dog examined by a veterinarian to make sure there is not an underlying medical condition.
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DO NOT give your dog (or cat) TYLENOL (or acetaminophen). It is very, very, very bad for your dog. I hope that this is very clear. It is TOXIC to them!!! To read more you can go to:
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I would not use hydrogen peroxide.  We use this to make dogs vomit, it can be caustic and will not treat the kennel cough.  It does sound like your dog has picked up kennel cough.  Most infections with kennel cough are mild and self-limiting--not all need treatment with antibiotics.  You can use Robitussin DM as a cough suppressant at a dose of 1-2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight given up to every 8 hours.
If your dog has nasal discharge, is lethargic, or stops eating and drinking she needs to be examined by a veterinarian.
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He could have Kennel Cough, but in that case I would expect you to notice him coughing up mucous.
As a very elderly dog he may now have some heart trouble, and this can cause the sort of cough you describe. The old gentleman needs to see the vet.
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You should never give animals human medicene it can cause internal bleeding or death so go to your vet and ask!
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Cough up the bucks and take her to a vet. Could be "kennel cough". Something in throat you can't see (like residue from nibbling on a plant, etc.), could have chewed on a stick and cut throat, and so on. But this is unfortunately one symptom you cannot home remedy or wait till it goes away.You're the "parent" and you've got to take care of your charge,
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My dog suffers from Bronchitis and Asthma in winter months. Ha shallow breaths, wheezes and at his worst - vomits. He also has no energy and can barely lift himself to his feet. As a result - about once a year he requires anti biotics and needs to wear a winter parka when out in the colder moths.
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Water around the heart., Get water pills from vet. If you don't he will pass way. I lost my dog that way and have one I am caring for now, this is a large problem with small dogs. Please don't be supit like me. Take care of it asap, Mike
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Every fall my dog coughs all night . The vet told me to give her benadryl . I have had great luck with chamomile in chicken soup too .
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See your vet for a check up and see if it's just a reverse sneeze or other minor thing or something like a URI or a collapsing trachea or heart problem causing the cough. If you can video it with a cell phone or something to show them at the appointment it can really help a lot besides trying to figure it out based on description with the differences in how someone might describe something and how it sounds. Things usually are gotten to the bottom of much quicker that way. Hope your baby is okay.
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Don't go strait to medicine because it can cause tiredness and things
Firstly Instead of water try milk
And instead of dog bones try soft treats
Because they're might just be a bit of dog food stuck in his/her mouth and milk will help it swallow and soft treats will stop him coughing Hope I could help you
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Yes I have a 5 pund chiuhuahua   is 8 years old he honks and gags once in a while for years  does he have kennel cough I I just got a new 2 year old chiuhuahua  last week I going to keep in same room in a week can I give my new dog shot are what email back
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My dog had a cough and it turned out that he had kennel cough even though he had been vaccinated. I had been dogsitting for a friend's new puppy and she seemed to be sick. It turned out that she had kennel cough and it is very contagious. My dog simply had to get a booster vaccine, but was fine in no time at all. With that being said, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible as kennel cough can be very serious and can even turn into life threatening pneumonia. I suggest you Home remedies for cough through this you get instant of knowledge about How do you get rid from  cough .

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Sounds like Kennel Cough, or an upper Respiratory Infection. Your dog needs to be taken to the vet right away. If your dog continues not to eat or drink she could get dehydrated and collapse. Don't wait - run the the vet.
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Coughing could be to do with anything. Could be a chest infection or kennel cough. Could also just be something stuck in their throat. Also swollen glands. I would take it to the vet to get a check out. Dogs can also get tonsilitus aswell.
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You should seek veterinary attention. There may be a foreign body obstructing some part of her airways, it could be kennel cough, hairballs, tonsillitis, tracheal collapse, and heart problem or it could be from some other cause, but the coughing itself will be causing damage if it is allowed to continue.
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I give my dog children's benadryl due to his reverse sneezing attacks and high allergy symptoms. Recommended by my vet as well. Only a .5 dropper which is about half a teaspoon and more important is to stay away from nasal de congestion medicine,not sure why but that is what doc said. So the cherry flavored not the grape, should help in your doggies cold as well.. Good luck
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Vets sell cough and cold medicine for dogs, its about the same price as human medicine. I know dogs with kennel cough can have childrens cough medicine to get rid of it
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My dog has a cough but is still able to eat and drink? Should I still be worried. It has been only 4 hours since the cough started
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My dog is 10 months old and last night started wheezing every couple hours throughout the night. After he finished wheezing he would through up a clear gel like substance. He has only done this 3 times since this morning. What can it be?
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In your profile, "edit my blurtit" there near the bottom there is a place to "add a friend", in the box there type in AnnFalkDVM, wait for her to accept your request for friendship, then ask her about your pup. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Tylenol is the medicine you can give your dog. It reduces the coughing and gaging.
It can be helpful but if the problem persists, please visit the Dog doctor.

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