My Dog Is Throwing Up Blood, Can You Tell Me What May Be Wrong?


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A dog throwing up blood might be caused from something temporary such as swallowing a sharp-edged bone or raiding the garbage bin, or it might mean something a lot more serious. Is the blood bright red, or is the blood very dark? Are you sure the blood is in his vomit and not just coming from his mouth? He could have a cut or have a gum disease, while dark blood could mean his stomach is bleeding or he has an ulcer. With any sign of blood, it is wise to take your dog to the vet immediately.
Your dog could also have food poisoning from a compost pile or the trash. Blood vessels could be broken inside the oesophagus from all the retching; his vomit could be bloody because of this. The important thing is to keep your dog hydrated until you take him to the vet. He must not drink too much at one time though, as his stomach can become distended and make him vomit more. Do not feed him for 12 to 24 hours.

Your vet will probably ask you a few questions.
1.       Has your dog only just started vomiting or has it been a while?
2.       What is your dog’s medical history?
3.       What food do you feed him?
4.       Where has your dog been?
5.       Is there a history of sneezing and coughing?
6.       Does your dog vomit only after he eats?
7.       Does your dog smell different?
8.       How often is your dog vomiting?
Each question will mean something specific. If possible, take a sample of the bloody vomit in case they need to examine it. More serious complications could include gastric ulcers, lymphoma, tumours, canine hepatitis, kidney failure and liver disease.
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If it was just a little blood, there is no need to stress over it. It's just that your dog was probably heaving up so much that the force caused him to bleed. It's just like when humans cough so much and try to get rid of phlegm, that after a while, they begin to see blood in the phlegm. However, if it continues or begins to worsen, I would see a vet immediately.
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Vomiting blood is a condition called hematemesis. Many factors can cause blood in vomiting of dogs like ulcers in gastrointestinal tract, clotting disorders, bleeding tumors of the stomach, upper small intestine and esophagus, presence of foreign bodies in stomach causing bleeding in stomach, side effects of some medicines, and ingestion of bones.

Diagnostic tests include
  1. Complete blood count
  2. Urine analysis
  3. Coagulation profile
  4. Ultrasound
  5. Chest/abdominal x-ray
  6. Endoscopy
Treatment depends upon underlying cause. SO, take your dog to vet.
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My yorkie was gagging then threw up blood in flem
he acts like he fells fine and has not done it again
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I have a mastiff she is about 100lbs. When I came home from work last night it looked like a murder scene in here there was blood everywhere in her vomit and her bowels. I am freakin out and I can not find a vet open today!
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My dog is 18 mos old and she started drooling & threw up phlegm then it was bloody. We took her to the vet today and after exraying her he said she had a irritated stomach, probably ate something foreign, but nothing showed up in the ex-ray. She had a fever of 103. We brought her home, but she is still throwing up a reddish phlegm. We do not know what we should do now?
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Since long your dog is throwing up blood? What other signs of illness are present? What medicines you have tried in your dog? Anyhow, I am giving you a list of reasons that can cause bloody vomiting in dogs. This condition should be investigated by the vet because treatment is dependent upon underlying cause.

1. Ulcers in gastrointestinal tract
2. Bleeding tumors of the stomach
3. Clotting disorders
4. Bleeding tumors of upper small intestine and esophagus
5. Presence of foreign bodies in stomach
6. Side effects of some medicines
7. Ingestion of bones

So, take your dog to vet for diagnosis and treatment. Your vet may order for endoscopy, x-rays, coagulation profile, blood test and urinalysis. After accurate diagnosis, treatment can be suggested.
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He could have a viral infection that is causing him to throw up food, or what I would do is, change the food you have been giving him. About the throwing up blood thing, he might have an internal ulcer in the throat or intestines that causes internal bleeding, and that eventually comes out of the mouth, or maybe even the other end...

                                                      GO SEE A VET!
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My dog just did that also. She is a small yorkie about five years old, she has done in before then acted fine and hyper, like her usual self. She did it again last night, I am now worried. The vet is not open until Monday what should I do?
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Don't take any chances, get to the vet, I waited to long and my best friend died in his sleep I sure do miss the little guy his name was zipper he was 11 months old and went every where with me
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My dog is 10  years old and she has a hard time getting up and walking she just started to throwing up blood she has lost some hunger , she looks confused and I think she has trouble seeing
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Old dog? There's a lot of reasons!

Young dog? Glass or poisons.
Give it Gatorade (force feed) Then in 10 minutes milk!

Gatorade helps replace blood lost!
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You need to see a vet immediately. This is a very serious condition that could have numerous causes.
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I don't No I Think Because It Might Got A Cold Of  Blood. Or He/She Might Have The Dog Blood Cancer That Dogs Trowing Up Blood!!!
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It isn't a lot, but is it enough to make me worry.  It is like little threats in it, and he is also panting a little more then normal.  I think he has allergies, but I don't know for sure.  He doesn't like to go out into the heat.  He will walk once around the block, and that is it. Most of the time, he will go at least 3 times before stopping in front of the house.
He is in a indoor dog, and I'm worried about him.

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