How Can I Tell How Far Along My Dog Is In Her Pregnancy? I Know She Was In Heat But Shes Around The Male Dog Daily


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Well although these people are saying that your dog has a gestation that starts at breeding, that is false.  Pregnancy in dogs is a strange thing!  How you can tell around when the dog is due is knowing when she was in her "Breeding" stage of her "Heat" cycle.  Which is around 2 weeks into the 3 week cycle, and it lasts around 5 days.  Technically it should start on day 13, so basically 2 weeks.  On the last day of this stage is when you count her pregnancy from.  So if you know when she ended her cycle go back about 5 days or so and then add around 60 days and that will be about mid-due date for her.  The gestation is usually AROUND 60ish days, give or take a couple of days depending upon the dog.

Hope this helps!  Don't know when you posted your question tho, because it doesn't say.  LOL!
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The gestation is 63 days some give or take a day or two when its first starts to show it will be 3 to 4 weeks before puppy's are born.
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It is not possible to know about the pregnancy and gestation in dogs because dogs don't show any symptom of pregnancy immediately after getting pregnant. These symptoms usually appear after 25-30 days of pregnancy. These symptoms can be
  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Nipple growth
  3. Reduced activities
  4. Some behavioral changes
If you observe these signs in your dog then get ultrasound from then vet to confirm the pregnancy and gestation. This ultrasound can also help you to know the expected date of delivery of puppies.
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You were supposed to pay attention if you weren't going to be around you should have put her up no thats something you really can't tell you just have to wait and see

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