How Far Along Is My Dog When She Is Lactating?


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Well it is true that it is hard to tell how far along a dog is from their lactating. I have seen a dogs have every sign of pregnancy and it was just a false one. But if you are trying to figure out when she will have her puppies, then look for signs that she may show 3-5 days before delivery. 1) Her vagina will start to swell
2) She will start trying to find a comfortable spot to have here pups
3) She will start acting like she has to urinate more often than necessary
4) She may not come out of hiding when you first call her
5) Hours before delivery she may have a discharge from her vagina
Congratulations! I hope that my answer has helped you and good luck on your new pups.
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Dogs can lactate as early as 2 weeks before puppies. Start from the breeding, and count 63 days out on your calender. Dog's gestation periods are usually from 58-63 days (the average is 63). Congratulations!
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Lactation is variable between individual dogs.  Some will start producing milk several weeks before delivering and others will not start lactation until after they have whelped.  I would say she is at least 3.5-4 weeks along but probably farther.  Gestation (pregnancy) in dogs lasts 63-66 days.  Fetal skeletons calcify at day 45.  Visit your veterinarian for x-rays or an ultrasound to help determine how far along in her pregnancy your dog is.
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My dog is panting, she is very cuddly,and she is lactating. Does this mean she is in labour? Oh I can also feel the puppies moving in her belly.

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