How Long Can A Dog Stay In Labor?


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Duration of labor in dogs depends upon size of litter. Large litter takes more time than smaller for delivery. Labor in dogs starts after 8-48 hours of the signs of labor. True labor in dogs is characterized by shaking due to pain caused by uterine contractions and straining to deliver puppies. This condition can last for 6-24 followed by delivery of first puppy.

After delivery of first puppy, there can be resting periods that can be of maximum 2 hours during which mother will clean the puppy. Usually, 30-45 minutes of resting period is followed by delivery of second puppy. This process is repeated until whole litter is born. If dog continue to strain for more than 2 hours without delivery then take her to vet. Usually, it take 2-6 hours for delivery of complete litter.

Finally, placenta is excreted that can take a time of 15 minutes to 4 hours. If you have no previous experience of whelping, then get help from the vet because delivery in dogs can be complicated.
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My dog went into labour at 12 midnight last night and had three puppies within an hour but she looks like she still might have at least one more pup in there and she seems to be going through some painful contractions(her back legs are shaking and she keeps tensing them up as if in pain) what should i do??
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My dog has been in labor for at least 6 hrs and she has not had a  puppy but is shivering alt how much more till we see the pup come out
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Just like with humans it can vary greatly. When she anxious and acts like she can't be still it is about to begin. You will know when she has contractions. If this is her first and you are very close to her you may want to have some wet towels close by to help clean them. They can get overwhelmed. Keep water there for her too. I have bred dogs along time and I love being there with her when she delivers. So does too! On several occasions she has had 10 pups and really needed my help cleaning them. Just make sure you take her in to the vet when it's over so they can make sure nothing is left behind. If you need any other help with this please ask.
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Dog needs 2 be seen by a vet!!!!  If pups havent arrvied within 2 hours of her starting to push!
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Anywhere from a couple hours to 24 hrs but if it lasts more than that contact your or a vet asap...
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In a first litter how many puppies should we expect? Being delivering for almost 3 hours and we have 6 puppies?
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From a short period of time to about a day. If she doesn't deliver in that time, you should get her to the vet to make sure that she can deliver safely. If she can't, she will most likely need a c section to remove them. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pups.

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