Will A Human Pregnancy Test Work On A Dog?


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If you have a dog you are trying to breed and are wondering if they are pregnant and you have a human pregnancy test laying around, you may be wondering if you can use it on your dog. The answer quite simply is no. Human pregnancy tests look for changes in a specific hormone, dogs show pregnancy with another hormone and require an entirely different test. If you think your dog is pregnant take her to the veterinarian and get an expert opinion on how to care for your dog during the months it will be carrying your new puppies.

If your dog is pregnant you probably will not notice anything for the first couple of weeks. In the weeks that follow you should notice an enlargement of the nipples along with an increase in their appetite. About four to five weeks into a pregnancy you should notice a clear vaginal discharge and at this time if you take your dog to the vet they will be able to pick up fetal heartbeats on an ultrasound.

While your dog is pregnant make sure they still get a fair amount of exercise in order to stay healthy. If you are not already feeding her a premium brand dog food, now is the time to start. Pregnancies in dogs last right around two months. When you feel it is getting time for your dog to deliver her puppies, spend some time with her so you can help out if she has any difficulties in the delivery process. If you like, many vets are more than willing to help a dog deliver her puppies.

Once your dog has delivered her puppies make sure she has plenty to eat and give her some milk to aid her in the process of making milk for her new puppies.
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Yes  - it is true. ALL MAMMALS (female) have the HCG hormone when pregnant. I have used it with all my dogs when breeding. Its a lot cheaper than rushing to the vet when you have an instinct or suspect pregnancy. But, you do need to do the test a week after her last bleeding, usually around day 16 is the best. I just tested my Yorkie, which was bred 2 weeks ago and hers is positive. Good Luck!
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Gestation in dogs is 63-66 days--just a little over 2 months.  There are several methods of pregnancy detection.  It is easily if you know the date she may have been bred.
Uterine enlargement can be palpated (felt) by day 25-30
days.  On x-ray uterine enlargement can
be noted sometime between day 21 and 42. 
The fetal skeleton calcifies at day 45 and can be seen on x-rays.  This is the most accurate way to estimate the
number of puppies.
Measuring a serum relaxin assay can detect pregnancy by day 24.  This test though will stay elevated for several weeks if the dog miscarries.  It truly measures that conception occurred and does not always guarantee pregnancy was maintained. 
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Well, it is not really possible for you to test its pregnancy at home but you can definitely get to know about it by noticing few signs in it. The basic signs of a dog's pregnancy are:

After one month of mating, there comes vaginal discharge.
Increased blood capillaries will be shown around its nipple after 20 to 25 days.
Appetite decreases in few cases
Increase in body size and weight after forty to forty five days.
Depression can be observed
During last days of pregnancy its starts showing increased restlessness.

You can only be more certain about its pregnancy after at least one month of its mating period. Sensing the abdomen after 21 days can be precise, but not if the dog is worried or somewhat overweight
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Ive just tested my dog its positive will let you know if its accurate when time comes
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I breed dogue de bordeaux and yes they do work if you do it around the 16 day mark, later on in the pregnancy it will be a negative
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No it will not work for dog pregnancy .In human it is meant to see the HCG level which is not in dogs dear. Do go for a vet and thislink can also help you out.
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Hi all,
I have seen different answer yes and no pls has anyone tried to use human test and does it work?
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This is my dog second litter.she got stuck with a male for an hour and 15mins and then again 20mins does this mean she is pregant
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I breed Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. I have 2 females that I recently bred. One is 6 1/2 wks and the other is 3 1/2 wks. I was curious to see if in fact human Pregnancy tests would work on a dog. So I went to my pharmacy and bought clear blue and also a CVS Generic brand.

I tested my female who is 6 1/2 wks pregnant and both came up positive! She goes in Friday for X-rays to see how many pups she will be having.

My 2nd dog has not been confirmed pregnant and goes in for ultrasound at vet tomorrow. She should be 3 1/2 wks pregnant. The clear blue said negative and the Generic said Positive. I will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow w/ the ultra sound to see if she actually is in fact pregnant!

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Human pregnancy tests look for the hormone hcg, which stands for HUMAN chorionic gonadotropin. It stands to reason that dogs do not produce this, so a human test would be a waste of time and money.
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Well, I breed my dog we're not sure if they took so we wan't a way to know if she's pregant without spending the money at the vet . So would the test be corrtect???
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Mechanism reproduction of all mammals (Except egg laying mammals) is almost same. During pregnancy corpus luteum secrete an hormone called HCG. This hormone play vital role in the development of placenta. Majority of this hormone is wasted in urine. The presence of HCG in urine and blood is the indication of pregnancy. This is true for all animals. But remember after 16-20 weak of pregnancy, this hormone become negative in the blood and urine.
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I have heard that it DOES work ....and is accurate, but the window to test is very small, this is why I'm on here....trying to find out when that window is!
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Not that I've heard of, other than her attitude will change, and she'll start eating a lot more. The only other thing you can do is to call a vet, and ask them.

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