My Dog Is All Of A Suddon Panting,licking Her Lips, And Cant Settle Down..I Took Her Outside And She Was Eating Grass For Like 15 Minutes. She Was Also Roaming Around The House After And I Noticed She Ate A Plastic Bag? What's Going On?


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Your dog is obviously distressed about something and this is one of those instances where you have absolutely no choice but to take her to see a vet. Eating grass is something that dogs do quite regularly, even when they are well because it helps with their digestion (even though it can also make them vomit) but the rest of the things that you describe are very definitely signs that she is unwell.

Besides the symptoms that she is displaying, the fact that she also ate a plastic bag is worrying because plastic cannot be digested and could cause a blockage making whatever it is that is bothering her even worse.

Sudden panting and licking her lips could be indicative of a number of things including eating something that is poisonous so if you hang around to see if she gets any better she may actually get a lot worse.

She may have been stung in her mouth if she has picked up a wasp or a bee, which ordinarily would probably not cause too much damage if the sting was anywhere else, but it could cause swelling that prevents her breathing, or she could be having an allergic reaction to it that could be dangerous.

There are too many things that could be the problem with your dog and it is impossible to make a diagnosis on a website; you really do need to stop hanging round and get her to the vet as soon as you can so that she can get a diagnosis and the treatment that she needs.
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My dog Zoey did that a while ago, she was choking on something the only thing that I did was make sure that she can still breath and take her outside so that she ate a lot of grass.  My husband told me that if she did not get any better in about 15 mins then we were going to take her to the vets.  she got better in about 8 mins later after eating grass and drank a lot of water.
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Lip licking and drooling are closely associated because dogs usually lick their lips when drooling excessively. The excessive drooling in dogs can be due to some pathological conditions like like gum & dental diseases, tongue injury, stomach disorders, mouth ulcers, tumors in mouth, and due to some metabolic disorders.

Unpleasant smell from the breath of dogs can be directly related to oral diseases like g
um & dental diseases, tongue injury,  mouth ulcers, tumors in mouth, gingivitis, abscessed teeth. Other diseases like lung cancer and kidney diseases can also cause bad breath in dogs.

In my opinion, your dog might be having some oral problems which require physical and oral examinations along with mouth x-rays to diagnose properly. So, take your dog to vet.
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Stress and nervousness are 2 common conditions that can cause lips licking in dogs. Following are some conditions that can cause lips licking in dogs.
  1. Stress
  2. Nervousness
  3. Excessive drooling
  4. Part of self grooming
Excessive drooling in dogs can be due to gum and dental diseases, mouth diseases, stomach upset and some metabolic disorders.  You should take care of your dog is he is nervous or under stress. If he is drooling excessively then take him to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Your dog needs to be checked by the vet because plastic bags can cause obstruction in the GI tract as dogs can not digest it. Sudden and excessive panting in dogs indicates some underlying cause. Most common causes of panting in dogs are given below.

   1. Fever
   2. Conditions of fear and excitement
   3. Heartworm
   4. Hypothyroidism
   5. Poisoning
   6. Anemia
   7. Congestive heart failure (In older dogs)

In my opinion, you should take your dog to vet for complete examination and all possible diagnostic tests to treat his problem.
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Licking lips and drooling is a sign of nausea--this can be secondary to pain or discomfort.  Panting is also a sign of discomfort.  It is not normal that he can't/won't turn his head and holds his head down.  I am concerned your dog is experiencing neck pain.  Neck pain can be due to intervertebral disc disease, trauma, or severe sprain/strain.  Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
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Please just take her to the vet! Especially if she ate a plastic bag!
Had the same issue with my yorkie.....took her to the vet & found a sandspur wedged in her back tooth...♥nassy
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Make sure you give him lots of water and take him to the vet. My horse did this and had a big chunk of grass stuck down her thought. Best of luck x

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