Can My 12 month Cane Corso get pregant if left around male dogs on her first heat? If she is pregnant, will the pups be healthy?


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She isn't mature enough for proper rearing usually and immature females tend towards a lot more difficulty and complications. You would have to be heavily involved with supervision and rearing as they aren't usually equipped to make good Dams with such an early pregnancy and the trend may continue. As far as health, not all problems would show up immediately.
We know that she is too young and not physically mature enough to evaluate for possible underlying health issues (such as HD) you wouldn't want to pass on or to match well and aren't sure about the sire as that is not done until around 2 usually.
There is additional consequences for long term with an immature pregnant female that may make bone and joint problems later more likely. They can suffer long term effects from her carrying a litter and still needing everything she intakes for proper growth but having to have so much go them as well, it's just not possible to make sure everyone gets everything they should and safely or without causing additional problems.
Things may go well but problems often aren't apparent immediately and show up later down the line (years) such as with bone and joints so there isn't really any way to guarantee healthy pups (ever really, you can only stand behind them and limit the risks and likelyhood by breeding in a responsible way) but likely there will be at least one that has some problem later due to the circumstances of their birth if you choose to continue with the pregnancy. There is no way to say, just that a pregnancy so early usually has some sort of consequence for someone.
If you decide to continue with the pregnancy you would definitely want to have the best contract/warranty possible in case some problems do show up later down the line.
As she should be the primary concern here and the possible long term consequences for her, you may also want to speak to your vet about the mismate shot and it's risks if soon enough if she was to be a part of a breeding program and integral to it or most just do a spay and termination and go back to the drawing board. :-(  There would be an additional charge to the spay due to the puppies but still nowhere near as costly as prenatal care, rearing pups properly and all the things that tend to come up. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
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Yes she can get pregnant at 12 months, and there is nothing to suggest her pups won't be healthy ..

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