My Dog Is Pregnant. I Have No Idea How Far Along She Is But She Is Getting Big. Her Nipples Are Getting Larger. How Will I Know When She Goes Into Labor? And What Should I Do When She Does?


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If your dog is pregnant then wait for the completion of her term that can be of 63 days. Ideally, you should get abdominal ultrasound that will help you to know the possible size of litter, expected date of delivery and birth defects. Signs of labor in dogs are
  1. Decrease in rectal temperature below 100 F
  2. Restlessness and pacing
  3. Agitation
  4. Loss of appetite
These signs in the 9th or end of the 9th week can be signs of labor in your dog. If you are not a professional breeder then get vet help for delivery.
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Her nipples are getting bigger each day. She hasnt started lactating yet but that normally comes towards the labor date, doesn't it? She already paces and she's restless. She never decides where she wants to lay. She only eats her dog food if there is something like eggs or hamburger meat and rice mixed in. I am not a perfessional breeder so do you have any tips on how I can help deliver them by myself?

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