My Male Dog Is In Heat What Can I Do?


3 Answers

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aileeny answered
Male dogs do not have a heat. However as soon as they get the scent of a bitch on heat, they will be very interested in mating. The best thing to do is to have him neutered. It saves all the bother and it cuts down on unwanted litters. Please think of this. One operation for life and that is it. Easy peasy!
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Miss White answered
I don't understand how you can mix up what ever is going on with your dog, and think that you have a male in heat, but if the dog really is a female and is in heat you should keep her away from males, or get her fixed if you don't want pups...
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Vanessa answered
There's really not much you can do. You have to let it take its course unless you want to breed him. It is torture I know, male dogs are crzy when it comes to that stuff. Also if you wanted to get him fixed that would calm him down quite a bit.

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