Can I Feed Kitten With Milk?


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It is about 6 week you give them milk then kitten food and water, the experts say you shoulden give cats a lot of milk as it clogs in the stomach you should give them plenty of freash water hope this helps
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Kitten milk contains far less lactose than human milk ( which causes loose bowel movements).Once a kitten is taking solid food as in crushed kitten food, then kitten milk should also be phased out.Water is all they need as they have a quite remarkable balance of fluid retention.Only when a cat is old ( kidney failure) or unwell will it be observed that it takes in more water, and particularly dirty water at that because it contains more trace elements.
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I have in the past and present as a supplement for mum and 8 week kittens,,diluted evap milk by 50% boiled water,twice a day,
I have had no adverse effects ,,kittens all 11 kittens over the years have grown up healthy and strong,
I disagree with te milk hater there,,,advising people not to take it,,fortunatley I don't listen as its the only food my body tolerates well,
I'm alergic to wheat and yeast,
so I need milk to supplement my tiny underwieght frame,
may be the 27% are people like mi,
there are other causes of asthma,milk can make it worse by laying on your chest,
I love milk it keeps me alive,,so whats cheese and butter and yourt,are thay bad for us aswell,
I think people should not be saying stuff like this when the question is a bout evap milk and kittens,
have a nice weekend cat lovers ,
flowers x pro milk massives
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No, please do not do that.  There are lots of myths regarding milk, put out by the dairy business whos only interest is profit, their P r people will tell you it is beneficial for humans and other animals. The truth is somewhat different and milk is a leading cause of asthma, eczema and other illnesses including diabetes./////////The true facts are that milk is solely a baby food for a mammals baby.  Cows milk for a calf, cats milk for a kitten, bitch dog for a puppy and so on. All mammals milk is made up specifically for its own babies requirements. Cows milk has to be altered for a human baby as it is calf food, babies suffer wind through cows milk as it is unnatural and cows milk is also unnatural for kittens. There is a myth that cats love milk. Not true.  Most cats will get stomach upsets from it.  After babyhood a gene switches on with people and animals to become lactose intolerant, which is a natural state after babyhood. It beggars belief that us humans continue to take milk into adulthood and from another species too. So cows milk is not good for kittens or other species too and adds to ill health and only 27 per cent of people on earth take it. The other 73 per cent being more healthy and sensible. Finally in non dairy countries there is no osteoporosis but in milk taking peoples there is osteoporosis. Why. Because milk actually leaches calcium from the bones, though of course the vested interests put out milk is good for this condition. IT IS NOT
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No, you should not give a kitten evaporated milk. If this kitten still needs to be fed milk use a kitten milk replacer formula. Do not use any type of cow's milk. Kittens are generally weaned at 6-8 weeks of age and do not need milk after this time. At about 4 weeks of age they can be started on a kitten food gruel in addition to milk.
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Warm or room tempurture milk ... Yes!!!
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Sorry, you can't feed them food until they are about 6 weeks old, until then you can buy milk for them at the pet stores and bottles too. Sometimes it takes a day or two for them to learn how to suckle on them, but they will figure it out. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Yes you can feed with milk, after about 3 weeks old you can start feeding it moist kitten food...

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