My Dog Is Not Producing Enough Milk For Her Week Old Puppies And They Do Not Like The Bottle What Do I Do?


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Your pregnant dog isn't producing enough for puppies she doesn't have yet or you are just thinking ahead?
Well, first it's important to make sure that she really isn't producing enough and if so it isn't due to a health concern. How newborn? The first few days the Dam produces something called colostrum. Colostrum is where the pups get the bulk of their antibodies from and is different in quantity and even consistency than the actual milk which does not come in until day three or four.
Over production of milk can be a problem as well so you would want some guidance and to be sure you are monitoring. They need a good high quality diet and lots of it for milk production. A little nutri-stat or nutri-cal is usually a good idea and also can help with appetite.
Nursing stimulates production. If you don't have many puppies you need to supervise and control a little more usually. I supervise every feeding anyway until 4 or 5 weeks or so but since I only have 3 or 4 pups (which is normal for my breed). I keep the pups rotating along the bottom 6 every couple of hours most of the time. You don't want to match the number of pups or can cause over production but fewer pups spreading out would mean they aren't nursing as often on each one so they produce less milk. You wouldn't want one or two pups nursing off of each one once a day or they are more likely to dry up and won't produce much so you have to find the right balance because they can't be nursing off of too few too much either. Yep, it's a lot of work.
If she still isn't producing enough and/or you have too many you need to have your vet teach you how to bottle feed correctly and all of those ins and outs (easy to make deadly mistakes) and help her and supplement the feedings. Always best to have all of that in place and have your supplies just in case before she even whelps. There is more information and links for you in the links below. Good Luck.
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Feed mom this as well as use this recipe instead of store bought puppy formula. By feeding mom 1/2 to 1 cup every few hours with a day or so she will start making milk. I had a mom that had puppies, she was making no milk by the time the puppies were five days old they started to show signed of Fading Puppy syndrome. I started give this to mom and with in two days she more than enough milk for all her puppies. Now I feed this to the moms until the puppies start eating some food or drinking they I stop giving it to her so her milk will start to dry up. She should be going through a single batch a day.

Double Batch of Puppy Milk/Mommy Milk

1 Tbsp Protein Powder
- Animal protein – egg protein is best – NOT soy
- If flavored – NO chocolate

1 Tsp Bone Meal powder
- KAL brand or similar

* Goats Milk Powder
- 2 cups warm water
- 4 scoops goats milk powder
* To increase protein levels increase amount of goats powder to 8 scoops.

1 ½ cups Half and Half

4 eggs

1 ounce liquid Vitamins (K9 Liquid Health brand – “Fido Nutrients” as an example)

Mix all powders in warm water.  Put in blender.  Add liquids and eggs.  Put on Med speed blend for 45-60 seconds.

Store in refrigerator.


Evaporated goats milk can be used instead of powdered goats milk based on availability.

** Goats Milk Evaporated (as replacement for goats milk powder)
- Mix Evaporated goats milk per instructions on container
o Typically 1 part milk to 1 part water
- Add 2 cups total for recipe
- Refrigerate remaining liquid for up to 3 days
** To increase protein levels mix 12 ounces evaporated goats milk (1 can) with 4 ounces of water to make total of 2 cups of liquid.

Where to Buy items:
I buy powdered Goats milk and bone meal from
I get the K-9 fido vitimins from
The rest you should be able to get at your local store.
It is ok to start her on it with out the bone meal and vitimins just use canned goats milk.
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You can feed your dog enough nutrients to eat.
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You have to get special milk from the Vet so you can feed the puppies yourself. Sometimes human mothers also can't produce enough milk for their human babies, and they too just have to feed them other milk.
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You need to have her examined and consult your vet about it. If they are just born she may be producing colostrum as the milk doesn't come in for three or four days and the colostrum is how the pups get the bulk of their antibodies. Their are things you can try first if it is underproduction since nursing is best for the pups and bottle feeding is dangerous and mistakes are easily made. If you need to feed them or help her and supplement you should have the vet show you how to help her care for them so accidental death or illness is less likely. Good luck.
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You would need to consult your vet to make sure there isn't a problem and what you need to do. Did you do your post whelp exam? How old are the pups? They produce colostrum for the first few days and milk comes in day three or four. If there aren't a lot of pups they won't produce much milk, production is stimulated by nursing. The more they nurse the more milk they produce. If you only have a couple of pups monitor, make sure they are nursing frequently enough. You can add a little bit (not too much) of puppy formula to her food and make sure she is eating a good food (puppy is often good and canned) and enough of it and nutri-stat is a good idea. Over production is a problem too and Chihuahua's are prone to eclampsia (milk fever) so have your vet guide you and if you need to feed them make sure they teach you how to take care of them since it's very easy to make deadly mistakes. Get her checked out first before making any decisions and make sure everything is okay and whether or not what you are seeing may even be normal and anytime you have a question or concern do not hesitate to call them. Good luck.
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