Do You Think That Dogs Have Similar Emotions And Feelings As People?


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Sure, they experience fear, loyalty, affection, shyness, anger, love and a whole lot of other emotions. I'm not sure if they feel them as... Intensely as we can though.
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dan cooper
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Your dog loves you, misses you and is happy when you come home. A cat on the other hand doesn't care if you live or die, as long as someone else comes along to feed them. It is all about them.
Zaphod  Beeblebrox
My cat loves me, misses me and is happy when I come home.
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I once saw a cat dash into traffic to retrieve the dead body of another cat that had been run over by many cars. I think there was substantial affection there, and grief.
There is no doubt that other animals experience emotions in much the same way humans do. They can also suffer physical and behavioral problems, as humans do, related to the emotions they feel.
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G'day Pencil,

Thank you for your question.

Dogs certainly have emotions. How similar they are to people's emotions, I don't know.

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Yes, definitely!  They feed sad when we are sad, happy when we are happy, angry when someone trys hurting us, and they get their feelings hurt if someone makes fun of them.  Animals are smarter than some people!
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Yes   im gay
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If anyone has spent time around my dog this question would be considered a "no brainer". I have a dog that is part wolf, bloodhound, terrier and mastiff. He has loose skin around his face and neck that exaggerate his emotions. His emotions are easy to decipher from the wide range of facial expressions and postures. He routinely displays the appropriate facial expression dependant on his mood.  When he is happy, the corners of his mouth actually form a smile and the wrinkles of skin around his eyes form laugh lines. When he is unhappy his ears lay back and he puts his head on his paws and looks at you will only his eyes and doesn't turn his head as usual. I have a cat that he get's along with very well, but if I give her too much attention he comes over and furrows his brow and glares at us. If manages to chase her away during this time his furrowed brow changes to one of amusement. I personally do not show ranges of emotion around him and he is never around people that do. All theses actions have been formed on his own in a controlled enviroment.
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They don't know how to show it like we do but yes they do experience some of the same one of the pet shows /showed it they exhibit more of a anxiety when they lose or miss something. They become how to say enraged/destructive when left alone or they shut down become lethargic/a lump depressed.
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I  KNOW they do. My dog tells me everyday.

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