Will A Flea Bath To A Dog Hurt The Breast Feeding Puppies?


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There is a very high risk of the pups ingesting the medicine in the shampoo.   Most all flea shampoos have warnings NOT to use on nursing dogs.    I have heard that Dawn dishwashing liquid will take the fleas off and shouldn't harm the puppies.   Just make sure to rinse the tit area extra well after the bath.
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Flea Shampoo? No as long as the dog is rinsed well. Flea shampoo never works, it only kills fleas stupid enough to stay on the dog. The minute they smell that flea shampoo in the bath water they jump off and run. Shampoo only kills the fleas on the dogs. You now have a clean dog, and they lay / run out side / sleep where all the other fleas are at so the fleas jump on a nice clean dog and start biting them again and again and again. It never stops...
Here is how you kill fleas. When the mother is done with her puppies ONLY. Go to the pet store buy FLEA DIP...not shampoo.. DIP.... They have dog DIP and cat DIP... If you follow the instructions you will do no harm to your dog, but YOU MUST follow instructions as this is chemicals and is only safe if you mix according to instructions, that is number #1. You put a small mixture in the tub, or sink, or bucket and do it out side, how ever you give them a bath, you take a cup or glass and pour this mixture over the dog, as per instructions, you can do it for the time the instructions tell you, if it does not tell you time, it will tell you until the dog is soaked. Keep pouring over the dog, get the dog wet, under the belly, in leg joints, behind ears every where, soak the dog, the head, nose, eye area, put a rag in the water, ring it out and wash their face, becareful around their eyes, do not get it in the eye ball, let them close their eyes, and wash their face. Do not rince off. Do not towel dry, let them shake, and that is it.. This dip will kill fleas on them, and in their bed, and in their yard, any where they go, so let them go where they normally go, it will kill fleas. No flea will jump on your dog for 6 months, if they do they will die. Vaccum and throw the bag out in the trash after ever vacuum. Fleas can jump out of the bag after you vacuum them up, Dip / vacuum and throw away. Puppies, well you can use puppy dip, and again read directions, and follow directions, it will have a age on there for you, you can not use adult dip on a puppy, it is way to strong, and can kill a puppy, use puppy dip and go by the proper age of a puppy. Puppy can only be done at a certain age. Check with the pet store, tell them the age of puppies and read the box to make sure your puppies are the right age to dip. You will NEVER have flea's again.. If they are in furniture, carpets, mix like the directions say and put it in a gallon jug, and get a spray bottle and hold the spray bottle to your waist and have it on mist and spray your carpet, furniture, beds where ever they are at and this will kill them too. A light mist will not hurt your furniture...
Good Luck..

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