I'm Taking Care Of An Abandoned 3-week Old Kitten. How Can I Feed It ?and Wash It ?


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The kitten will need to be fed a kitten milk replacer.  The milk we drink is not well tolerated by their stomach and does not have the correct balance of nutrients and calories.  Kittens fed cow's milk almost always develop diarrhea.  The instructions for feeding should be on the box of milk replacer but a good general goal is:
Week 3 : 85 milliliters per pound body weight
Week 4: 100 milliliters per pound body weight
These should be divided into 3 equal meals a day.
The kitten should be able to suckle.  If it is unable to suckle or does not want to have your veterinarian show you how to tube feed this kitten.
Overfeeding is a common mistake people make.
At this age they should have their eyes open.  Kittens need to be stimulated to urinate and defecate until 3 weeks of age.  If your kitten still needs to be stimulated take a wet cloth and rub the genitals and anus.  Mother cats lick kittens in order to stimulate them.
Weaning starts at 4 weeks.  Initially start with a gruel make from kitten milk replacer and canned food.  By 6 weeks the kitten should be on canned kitten food only.
The biggest things to watch for in kittens is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hypothermia (too cold), and dehydration (from not eating or loss through vomiting and diarrhea).  If you have any concerns about this kitten please have it examined by a veterinarian--kittens do not have much reserve and can fade very quickly.
Vaccines and deworming should begin at 6-8 weeks of age.  Contact your veterinarian for more information.
Good luck with the little guy!
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There are two main issues besides feeding  1. Kittens this age need to be kept warm and out of drafts. One way to keep them warm is to get a hot water bottle and fill it with warm or hot water. Make sure the top is screwed tightly on so no water leaks out. Cover the water bottle with something like cloth or thin towel, rather than let the kittens have direct contact with it. Keep them in a box.
2. Kittens this age basically do not yet have immune systems, so it is easy for them to catch an infection and die. To prevent this, wash your hands before handling them, and if you have other pets keep the kittens in a separate room.

After you stimulate the kittens' privates to make them go to the bathroom, clean them off with a dry cloth. Don't wash them and get them wet because this will cause them to catch a chill (and they could die). If you have a hair dryer, then you could get them a little wet as long as you dried them right away. But don't use the hair dryer too close to the kitten.

Pet stores have little bottles and replacement milk for kittens that have instructions for feeding. When you poke open the nipple of the bottle, sterilize the pin or razor blade or scissor tip you use, so the kitten doesn't catch an infection. They can't fight infections at this age.

It would be best to take the kittens to the vet for instructions . . . He or she will know exactly what the kitten needs based on seeing him and estimating his age. But if you can't afford that, contact a cat rescue organization and see if they can help you with ongoing advice.

Remember: They have no infection fighting ability yet, so keep them away from other pets, and in a clean area. Always keep them warm and free of drafts.
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I love kittens an how you can feed it is get a nursing bottle for kittens at a animal store. An nurse it that way an if it don't work take it to the vet an get it fed. An to wash it take a warm damp wrag an wipe it off really good an then hold it in a towel an let it eat an dry it off an feed it like that an it sold be ok.
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Ull need to go to a pet store or a retail store and get replacement milk, it needs fed every couple of hours. Take a warm wet cotton ball and wipe over the butt area to make the kitten use the bathroom and then of course you can wipe it clean as well.
Same with eyes and nose, keep them clean
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I have a 2 week old kitten and I get the newborn bottles from walmart and the kitten formula then read the back and it will tell you I had the same problem but now its kinda easy!!! I learned to love it
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You can feed it by feeding it warm milk an you can wash it by getting a wet rag and wash it with the soap that you use for cats

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