When Can I De-worm My Pit Bull Puppy?


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Diego Rojas answered
I d-worm at 15 days 30 days and 45 days old and 15 days a part until 6 months of age and then 2 times a year 15 years breeding!
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HoNeY NOYB answered
You have to start at six weeks of age. Some vet's will tell you at five weeks. My vet wouldn't until six weeks. You can call any veterinarian's office free of charge. They will inform you. Call a few different ones. And remember to tell them your type of dog.
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hi there you can begin worming at 5 wks along with the other pups especially if they have started to taste solids & the mother is slowly weening them off! Its pretty much guaranteed they will have worms if the mother hasn't been properly wormed before during and after pregnancy. standard practice is all pups done at 6wks with mother then they are ready to leave the nest (so to speak) from min8weeks! Any younger and you are letting your pup miss out on necessary socialization taught by mother to pups, which is detrimental in the raising of any breed but especially the apbt. then at 8wks, 10wks & 12wks, that is also when the first vaccination booster is due then again at 16 weeks I hope that this is helpful!
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At the age of 6-9 weeks.

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