What Is A Good Name For A Female Pitbull?


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Some ideas for names for your new pitbull puppy could be:


Sometimes, to narrow down your options and make things easier, it might be better to observe your dogs temperament and then give them a name that matches their personality. Just an idea!
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First  I am going to go with her personality and see what you come up with and make a list and try to call her by some of the names and see what she answers too .but here are a few......roxy,abby,bella,sheba,dutchess.
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I have two females.  The oldest was rescued with the given name Madison, which I decided to keep.  My puppy rescue was already named Pinky, but I didn't like it so I renamed her Aaliyah, which means "Gift from God"!!!  She truly is a gift & a blessing!!!!!
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Well if she is brown I think you should name her dutchess.
Or if not just  chose a name that really fits her character. Watch her personality if you pay close attention to that you may figure out which name you would like to call her according to which name would best fit her personality
hope I helped
here's some other name if you like: Molly, Princess, Lady, Mimi, Lena, Roxy, Pebbles, and Angel. Can't think of anymore right now hope I've helped :)
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I think Felony is a perfect name! I had a female pit & her name was Felony!!
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My girls name is cuddles.....she is a beautiful long legged brendal...and she thinks shes a cute lil lap dog but shes a built 90lbs pit bull
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We have had two pits and they are the most loving , faithful dogs we have ever had. Given that, Faith seems like a good name.
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A good name for a female is.whatever fits her personality go with what fits her .....try something strong because of the type of dog she is...zena,roxy ,mama,make a list and try calling her a few of them and see what she answer to then you will know what her name is
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Go with what you have make a list ....go with all the names people recommend her some of the names and see what she responds to r some of my favourites..daisey, lily, lika, queeny ,I also agree with dutchess,princess, lady ,zoey,dolly,that is all I can think of and you can always give a unique spelling to .for example my og is named daysey ..I used a unique spelling let me know what chose.
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I named mine Angel, but I suppose that it depends on your pup and her personality. You could also name her Aphrodite that would be cool.
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Deciding on a name for your Dog is a difficult task, especially when you have a rare Blue Diamond Pitbull. There are a number of sites that can give you a wide range of options such as:
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I named mine "Kodak" but that is because my college major is Photography, and when I adopted her from the animal shelter they had her names "Bacco" (that had to change.)

I've heard others name their rednose pit bulls-

Red (so original, right? Haha)
Dog (yes, this is true.)
Leigh or Lee
Ta-lou-la (spelling)
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Well my parents have a tan female and when she is excited she goes crazy and licking and stuff, I think loca would be a good name its Spanish for crazy.
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Well as for my next female pit, I was thinking about calling her Suenomie. (think I spelled that right.)a name with strength and class.good luck naming her-tomorrow will be a very sad day four me as I have to put my pit of 15 years down.I will miss Cujo.
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Restitution!!!!! That is a good name I should have named mine that now on every job application I have to put down a conviction of Unlawful Owership of a Dangerous Dog. Still have 5,000 to pay and have not seen a tax return for a few years, they take what they can get!
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