Where Could I Find A Good Priced Pitbull In Georgia?


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Andrea Hubbard answered
I am a breeder from Michigan I have sold some of my  pits in GA, it all deponds on these point each one that you dog has ups the price of the dog.

  • breed-red nose,blue nose, american,chineese, etc.

  • age of the dog- I would never recommend a person take a pit bull 9 mo. Old or older, they are already tempered and mature and can turn on you.

  • shots- if and what shots &/or dewormmer has been given

  • papers- if the dog is registered you are going to pay more.

  • color- all white pits are rare I sell my all white blue nose pups for $1,500.

  • accesiories- sometimes I will sell my dogs with cages, collars,etc.

Good luck with your search pitt  bulls can be loving, caring, and smart additions to your family.

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Taylor O'Connor answered
Man if you want a pit in georgia you must get a permit and you can't fight it or you'll go to prison 4 life
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I Am currently awaiting My Female Blue nose to have puppies, she is full breed and weighs a stunning 80 pounds, if you want a pup I can put you down on the list, price varies, but I'm willing to negotiate and make deals, I am located in the STONE MOUNTAIN area, I can send you pictures if needed, you can contact me at
404 - 428-1607 My Name is Bernard. If no one answers live a message and I will be sure to get back at you.

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