I Have A Pitbull. How Do I Make It Aggressive?


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The way's that I have seen this done, are an abuse to the dog and the owner. If you want a good watchdog, then, when someone comes to your door or in your yard, and the dog makes a fuss, join in with him in making a fuss. Like you really are a pack. You make noises like the dog, and beat on the door, and growl and fuss, and the dog will 'back you up'. You then reward the dog for his diligence in letting you know that someone is there! When he knows this is a good thing, then he will alert you every time!
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I hope you are just trying to train a guard dog.  Dog fighting is illegal and a felony conviction as well as extremely cruel to all animals involved.  There is also a concern that by training a dog to be aggressive or an attack dog it will seriously injure a human(s).  The human health and legal ramifications are great. 
For correct dog training contact a trainer or behaviorist in your area--your veterinarian can give recommendations.
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Okay, Let me help you.
You don't have to be mean to her or kick her or be a horrible person.
If you want her to protect you and your things that bad. Save your money and get her guard dog school. I think it would be the safest way. I have an aggressive pitbull (Who was abused I didn't make him that way) and I wish my dog was like yours. You don't want a negative role model for pitbulls out there. IF you get her guard dog school she will only bite on command. Not because she wants to but because you asked and she is trained to do so. That doesn't mean she would bite a child or anyone else. But she will be trained to bite on command for 1-3 thousand dollars. But lol if you can save for that you can save for an alarm system. Also try putting up signs like " Beware of dog" and "Area protected by Pitbull" I have those signs on my yard and home and I haven't been botherd and I have lived in my home for 10 years.
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From the beginning it was bred to bate bulls and then fight in pits. They were never bred to be aggressive to humans though. They'll always be game, but good owners socialize their pups and it can be controlled.

Long and Short... HUMANS.
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I can understand that you want your dog to be a guard dog but I don't understand why you would want to make it aggressive. It's just my opinion but it seems to me that's what gives pitbulls the bad name that they have. Your dog should just automatically become a guard dog once he's older. If someone comes to the dog and knocks or rings the bell then your dog should just automatically start barking to let people know that he's there. That's what my dogs have always done and they have always been pets and considered guard dogs at the same time. I don't think this is the answer that you wanted but hopefully it will help.
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A PET that treated properly will naturally want to protect their home and owners.  I have an 8 month old Pitbull, and hes a big baby... He's sweet and playful and friendly, But when someone knocks on the door, he's right there barking, Same goes for my 8 month old Golden Retriever. You don't have to make him mean to teach him to guard your property. All your doing by that is setting yourself up for liability and serious problems when he attacks an innocent person. If that's why you got a Pitbull instead of any other breed then you don't deserve ANY pet. Its people like you that has caused Pitbulls to be banned from so many communities.
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If you seriously want a "guard dog"  you do not want them to be aggressive all the time.  That is an attack dog.   BIG difference.  And also very irresponsible in a pet owner.
I truly hope you posted this question just to see if you could spark a heated debate because if you are seriously trying to bring out the aggressive nature in your put you are part of the problem that is causing these dogs to be banned in many places. And you are also putting yourself and your family in jeopardy. 
If you sincerely want your dog to be a guard dog then find a responsible, reliable trainer to train the dog and YOU to know how to handle this dog.  And be aware that once trained the CAN NOT be treated as just a family pet.  So many dogs that attack their owners or innocent people are dogs that have been trained and then put in the hands of irresponsible owners.
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I agree with Short10000.  However, because of the stereotype given the pitbull and the way that some people want to "train" them....I think there should be a select few allowed to have these dogs.  And those select few are the few that will train them as pets FIRST and "guard dog" second.  And by guard dog, I mean they ONLY become aggressive IF their owner or family members or friend are ever in a life threatening situation. Again, like Short10000, probably not the answer you were looking for but hope it helps.   
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Its something there born with.  Its there breed. Two dogs were bred which made the pit.  One dog has a small skull, while the brain needs to grow.  Which causes a part of the brain to be squeezed which makes them lose it.  Some are not effected by while some are.  Thats why some turn on their owners for no reason. Also it could be by the way they were treated
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You can't make a pit bull aggressive.. You can't...
If they are bred wrong they will be aggressive in the blood, a natural mean blood. I sure will not explain how that can happen.
They are sweeties and that is in their blood, if your try to make them mean it will not work, all you will do is hurt and cause injury to a sweet dog you can not change.
Shame on you,.
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Once your yourself train your dog to be agressive you will be the first victim of the dog.

Think why do you need her to be agressive?

Will it make the dog happy?

Imagine it's a human being, would a person be happy when caused afression.

Always use the golden rule and be greatful to have a dog.

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I have to agree with a lot of the people on here. I love my pit bull and I would anything mot keep her safe. I love the fact that she protects the house and the children that are in it and when they are in the yard. I do not want her to mean enough to go and attack any one that is not doing anything to our yard or home.

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That answer is 100% incorrect. Pitbulls were bred to be aggressive towards dogs but extremely loyal to people. The only reason a pitbull would be aggressive towards a person is from abuse. Dog aggression is another story... They were bred to fight dogs and have it in there genes to be dog aggressive, although not all pits are. They are a breed that craves love and attention and will do anything for there owner.
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You shouldn't. If the dog isn't aggressive, you aren't likely to make
it so. If what you want is a guard dog, get one trained for the purpose.
If you're just trying to act tough, get a life.

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