What Is A Pitbull?


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American Pit Bull Terriers, also known as American Pit Bulls, are a pure breed of dog (one of the earliest registered) which has been used for many different uses over the years. They were originally bred to work closely with humans to control large animals, such as bulls, and to hunt bears, boar, and other animals. Later, they were used as farm dogs in the early West days in America, and unfortunately also for dog fighting. They have always been tempramentally sound, and very people friendly. As they became more popular in the 1990's, a sudden increase in poorly bred specimens and ill-equipped owners caused the breed to develop a bad name.. And they are still stuck with a bad rap today. Most members of the breed are excellent citizens, and loving family members.. But in today's society, it takes only a few bad apples to taint the whole barrel. Media frenzy has caused many supposed "pit bull" attacks to be mis-named, where in fact it was a completely different breed of dog responsible.
Here are some sites that will give you a good idea of the breed:
-Animal Control Officer, Delaware Animal Care and Control
a pittbull is a dog that is in the working group. It's not a vicious dog unless you train it, but you might have dumb neighbors and they can bark at him or her and distract him with a ball. A kid on our block driibled a ball and the pitt bull jump over a fence and chased the kid and ball kid did not get bitt but he pissed in his pants and cried
PIT BULLS ARE NOT BAD DOGS. As long as you have the ability and time to train and handle it, they can be intelligent, friendly, pleasure to know dogs. NEVER consider a pit bull you see as a bad dog at first glance.
You can also check this website: a pit bull is a wonderful, loyal, smart, sweet breed of looks so tough and it is but it would not ever dare to use those muscles to kill or hurt anyone or anything unless trained that way. Thanx to some people like michael vick and other dog fighters, the whole breed has been blamed for being evil..if you want to get one go ahead, you will get the best dog in the world!

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The pit bull type includes the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier and others. It is illegal to breed, sell or give away pit bull type dogs in the UK, though you may own one subject to certain restrictions. It's best to check with police or a dog breeder as to whether your dog is legal, as some similar types have ended up coming under different laws, and with cross-bred dogs you definitely need to check.
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Pits are not mainly used for security true due to the rep they are considered scary but so are mastiffs bulldogs pinschers and shepards any dog can be a security dog
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A pitbull is a very dangerous and deadly dog especially if you are on its bad side I would not recommend getting one
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Pits are not dangerous its the owner i raise pits and they are the most loyal dogs i have ever had. Never recommend something you dont know anything about.

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