Can I Feed My Puppy Pit Bull Pedigree?


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Iff its a pit bull... You may want 2 start it out on puppy food... And iff you don't... Make the food a lil softer... Add water or milk
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Assuming that the pup has been weaned and is 8 weeks and old enough to be away from the Dam and any litter mates and it isn't in your purchase contract I don't see why you wouldn't be able to. I don't grant permission though :-) since that isn't generally considered a good food. I would prefer you found a 5 or 6 star rated (or at least higher than pedigree) food on the analysis site. I feed Innova, green bag, to pups as well as adults or you can look through for a large breed puppy formula. Any abrupt switch in food can really upset their tummy so be sure any switch is slow (usually at least half a bag of the old brand while you slowly add more and more of the new) so they can adjust. Here is the analysis site and some other information and resources for you.
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Try puppy food first not adult food.

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