I Have A Blue Nose Pit Bull How Do I Find Out If It Is Pure Breed?


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Pitbulls are Pitbulls
there is No blue nose or Red nose or blah blah
people only classify them for purposes like
"whats your pit look like? Oh hes a Blue nose" It can give the other person a better idea of what the dog may look like. So if you want to know if it s a PURE pitbull do dna testing look at distinctive features. Like the back legs my pits always to me look bow legged like a cow boy or something. Or t he shape of there head "at puppys can be smaller and when grows into adult can get very large" But not all pitbulls heads are HUGE you know? Did you see the parents? Did they look like pits? Look at the chest the chest is always so perfect and muscular Even if you don't work them out. They eyes too You can tell a pitbull had beautiful eyes
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Timvv is correct regarding DNA, I should have been more clear. However, UKC is not the only club that recongnized the breed ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association) specializes in this breed.

I also never said registering the dog with APBR would make the dog pure, however if the dog is pure and you can't obtain papers, APBR can paper your dog.
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DNA testing is the only sure fire way. However if you know she is full blooded, you can have her registered at APBR, (American Pit Bull Registry). They require pictures from several angles and all the information you can give on the dog. The cost is $25.00 for registration and can take several weeks.

If you believe that she / he is registered through a different association, if you know who the previous owners were you can call them and see if you can trace down her lineage. This is not very likely to be effective.
You should be able to tell if your dog is pure pit by the way it looks. Most often if there is a mix it will be obvious.

This dog is purebred, ADBA registered with Eli, Carver, and Watchdog bloodlines.
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DNA will NOT tell you if your dog is pure. All it will do is confirm who the parents are. If you don't already know if it's pure or not you won't ever know. That's like saying if you looked at my DNA it would tell you i'm Dutch.
Also registering your dog with the apbr does not make your dog 'pure'. Nor does it make your dog 'papered or registered.
The only club that recognises the True American Pit Bull Terrier Is the UKC. If you have UKC papers, your dog is 'papered' and 'registered'.
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Of course It have to be blue ?

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