Is it normal that my dog is vomiting will in labor?


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Some vomit in the early stages and clean out their stomach before hard labor begins. If you are concerned about anything the best thing is to call your vet and double check just to make sure things are probably okay after they are able to get all the details. There is more detailed information and links for you in the links. Don't forget her post whelp exam about 24 hours if things seem to go well. Good Luck. q3525724.html#a2810229 q1679449.html#a2947871 q2722771.html#a3046267 q5851064.html#a3054016
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Hi. No offense taken but did you have any particular ones in mind that you didn't think sounded major and I said run to the vet and maybe I can try to explain? The comment came in on a Q that I said normal and no worries but if they became concerned and didn't know if something was or was not normal to give the vet a phone call and ask. Can’t expand on why I may have said run to the vet on a Q that I didn’t, lol. :-)
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There often isn’t a way to get enough details without back and forth discussion to know on medical questions whether it could be major or not among other things so a phone call and some discussion is a good idea and never hurts. There are also the legal and moral indications and responsibilities of giving medical advice without advising to consult their local licensed veterinarian on a medical issue.
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I usually advise by standard breeding practice and protocol and include links for further information and details. When the information given could indicate anything from minor to worst case it’s best to be sure it probably isn’t worst case first rather than assuming it’s minor and being wrong.
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No, dogs typically don't vomit while in labor you should take her in if possible. I have been around many many dogs in labor and none have ever vomited.

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