My Dog Has Started Vomiting Up Yellow Bile With A Little Bit If White Foam. What Could It Be?


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Dogs actually vomit quite often, and it's not always a cause for concern. Most dogs out there have a tendency to eat a little too quickly. Their whole bowl of food can be eaten within less then five minutes, which is a common cause for vomiting bile. If this has happened within the hour then you can be sure that the problem is due to the speed of which your dog eats its food. This isn't a serious issue as there are ways to deal with it. You could insert rocks which are too large to eat inside the food bowl, which forces the dog to eat carefully to avoid getting the large paces of rock. This slows down the speed in which they eat.

Eating grass is a common cause, too, and is not really something that should be worried about. Though many scientists are unsure why eating grass causes a dog to vomit bile, it certainly occurs and it's well known that dogs sometimes do it purposely to bring about them vomiting. The only way that you can stop your dog from eating grass is to monitor their actions when they are outside and scare them when they start eating the grass.

There are some more serious problems, however, and one of them is gastritis. This problem is actually an inflammation of the stomach and is caused by something that the dog has eaten. The disease definitely causes the vomiting of bile and there are two distinct forms of it - acute and chronic. Acute can be cured quite easily be depriving the dog of food for 24 hours, whilst chronic is actually quite serious and will require treatment from a professional for the dog to be completely cured.
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Maybe you have nothing to worry about. But I'll just let you know what happened through my experience. My dog was doing the same thing a few months ago. He would vomit yellow bile with white foam on it. Soon after, he lost his appetite, started gaging, caught a runny nose, started sneezing and became very tired. We took him to the vet and it turned out that he had kennel cough that became pnemonia. So it is a possibility that your dog might have the beginning stages of kennel cough. You should keep an eye on it and if any of these other symptoms start occurring then you should definitely take him to see the vet.
The age of your dog would be helpful but nonetheless my 12 yr. Old Yorkie did the same thing until I changed her food and she stopped eating grass and vomiting the same as yours.  Good luck!
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My dog is a yorkie poodle mix and he is only 3 years old. We actually feed him "Max" brand dog food from petsmart. What food do you use for your yorkie?
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Some dog owners with a warped sense of humour call this "the yellow urka gurkas".  The yellow froth is just stomach juice and only signifies that your dog's stomach is irritated.  Most dogs vomit quite easily compared to us, and they don't seem to find it anything to worry about.  Another form of dog vomit is known as "summer blap", this occurs when a hot dog drinks a lot of water to cool himself down.  Then when heat exchange has occurred in the stomach, up comes nasty slimy water with a Blap!
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If your dog eats too fast, then he may eat ANYTHING that is in his bowl. I would not put rocks in his bowl just to avoid that risk. Try breaking up his meal portions into three separate meals and feed them about a half hour apart. This may not be the only reason he is vomiting. He could have a blockage in his throat or a foreign item in his belly. Is he having normal bowel movements? If he is not pooping normally then there could be something blocking his stomach and this could also cause the vomiting. A check up with your vet may be in order. Good luck to your chow hound!
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Yellow bile could mean that the dog has an empty stomach and needs to eat something.  If he won't eat anything he probably should see a vet.  Most of the time, though, it's having nothing in the stomach that causes the yellow bile vomiting.
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Watch the dog to see if it continues. It may have ingested something that is staying in the stomach. If its eating and drinking it should be ok, but if it lasts much longer I would take it to the vet.
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My dog does that when he is hungry as he is extremely picky with his food .. Thanks to my mother !! Now we have to put all sorts of rubbish like ham or something in his dog food .
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You must take her to the Vet as soon as possible because my one dog had the same problem and when they tested her, her liver count was sky high.  She had liver cancer.  Its not to say that your dog got cancer but she can have a problem with her liver and if you treat it then she can recover completely
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A small amount of vomiting can be noted during stage 1 labor--this should only last 12 hours.  Gestation in dogs lasts 63-66 days; if your dog was in heat approximately 2 months ago she may be pregnant. 
Any cause of vomiting needs to be worked up by a veterinarian.  Your veterinarian can also assess whether your dog is pregnant.  I am concerned there is an underlying cause other than pregnancy causing the vomiting.
Parvovirus is a disease that affects puppies mostly and unvaccinated young dogs.  Not all dogs that vomit have parvo. The color of the vomit is yellow from bile (stomach acid) and is not diagnostic of parvo.

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You need to take you dog to the vet yellow fluid can also be signs of parvo .  had to dogs that developed parvo they also showed this sign lost 1, the other was treated and is fine.
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I don't mean to alarm you, but frothing at the mouth could be rabies.  Check for any signs of an animal bite and get him to a vet ASAP.  In the mean time, keep the dog quarantined from any contact with anyone until you know.   

It could just as well be something he ate or drank.  In either case, he needs to be checked out by a Veterinarian.

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