Our dog is vomiting after anesthesia, is this normal and what can we give him?


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Don't give your pup anything. Anesthesia causes nausea which is one of the reasons we withhold food and water before and after any surgery, the stomach should have very little in it so they don't choke or aspirate if they vomit (for us too). You definitely should not any sort of medication the vet didn't specifically prescribe.
Just follow the instructions your vet gave you when you picked up your pup, they go over when you might be able to start to offer food and water in very small amounts or even from a small ice cube, it may even be on any discharge paperwork you recieved. If you have questions give them a call and ask if there is anything you might be able to do. If you still have concerns after that call them and ask about whatever you have questions about. If your pup is still having problems in the morning or seems off definitely call them. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.
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Thank you! The vet didn't really give me instructions but to give my pup some provided meds starting tomorrow.
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Morning. Your baby feeling better this morning?
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I don't know what your talking about but comfort him and let him calm down you shouldnt really give him medication if wasnt already perscribed before this. I hope he gets better and maybe also give him some water after a while but not to soon wait  while I don't want him to throw up again. Also call your vet and see if they have any better ideas they know more than I do

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