What Is A Good Name For A Dog?


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Peggy Irish answered
A dog's name should reflect his/her personality and/or the circumstances by which you acquired the dog.  Many people who find a dog at the shelters or rescue them from the streets will name the dog according to the instance.  I rescued a dog in Camden, NJ and his name is Cam.

If you recently got a dog and don't know what to name him/her, watch him/her for a while and I guarantee you will come up with a name.  

You can also think back to your favorite movie or book and relate to a character that you link to that book or movie.  

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When i adopted a two-year old standard poodle who had been mistreated, her name was Duchess.  After having her a few days and observing her mischievous spirit, I knew that Duchess didn't fit and changed it to Dandy Duchess.  We call her Dandy and now that she is eight, we still thing it's the perfect name for our clever, sneaky, loving dog.
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Peterpan- tramp- chew chew- bozo- brandy-
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You didn't say, girl or boy.

Sandi   Darwin
Sugar   Twain
Tamara     P.I.T.A.
Isis   Dante

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I think Rosie O'Donnel would be appropriate.
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Damien, king, don't you even name it lucky, thats the most common name that comes to the vet with the most problems, trust me I work in and emergency hospital...

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