How Long Will My Dog Shake In Labor Before Pushing?


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KR- myopinions answered
That depends on what stage she's in and what has occurred up until now and how long has she been in labor? It would be too hard to say whether she's in trouble and the best advice to give is to call your vet so they can get more details. You can check the link really quick if you like but don't delay too long just in case. Has she been pushing at all and is now shaking? Had any pups yet? Have you seen any colored fluid and no pup in a few minutes after like red, green, greenish black, or any combination? If you have just call the vet and don't bother looking at the list since she and the pups are likely in trouble. If everything is normal you should have her checked 24 hours after whelp to be sure everything went okay (no rupture or hemorrhage or anything) and that there isn't anything retained ot cause nasty infection (like placenta or decaying pups). Hope things turn out okay.

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