My Dog Is Sneezing And Vomiting What Does That Mean?


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Sneezing in dogs can be due to upper respiratory tract infection and allergy. Vomiting in dogs is caused by many conditions and diseases. So, a trip to vet is necessary because diagnosis requires physical examination and medical history which is not possible at net. Vomiting in dogs can be due to following conditions.

1. Gastritis
2. Excess gastric acidity
3. Overeating
4. Eating rapidly
5. Exercise after taking meals
6. Food allergies
7. Changes in diet
8. Eating of grass or garbage
9. Gastrointestinal obstruction
10. Intestinal parasites
11. Intestinal and gastric tumors
12. Liver disease
13. Kidney disease
14. Adrenal gland disease
15. Heat stroke
16. Middle ear infections
17. Anxiety
18. Stress

So, take your dog to vet.

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