What Is The Best Pit Bull To Have?


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The most popular pit bulls to have are the Blue Razor, Red Nose, or the Blue Hawaiian. I had a Blue Nose and a Red Rose loved them dearly honestly it is personal preference if you ask me. The Blue Pits in my opinion have the best personality, and the Blue Hawaiian has a more muscly build. The temperaments are all in how they are raised by the owner.
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One that is gentle and friendly and not aggressive.
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The kind that you raise as one of your own kids. The kind that you keep healthy and fed. The kind that you don't leave tied up outside in the sun without water.
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The kind you don't fight because the breed has got a bad reputation thanks to greedy "sub" humans that only see dogs as profits.
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Pit bulls can make great family pets. It is not fair that they are one of the dog breeds that gets a bad "rep" I know quite a few people that have pitbulls and most of them are big energetic babies. Just give them plenty of exercise and love, but never play "tug of war" games with ANY dog. That is the kind of game that CAN teach aggressive behavior. All the best!

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