My Dog Has Been Vomiting Undigested Food Twice A Day For The Last Three Days, Is It Normal?


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If the dog doesn't receive care pretty soon, the odds are that you will lose the dog. I believe there is a group called Paws, if you can find it, call them, and they might be able to help you out with the cost of going to the vet. They do sell pet insurance now, and it is affordable I guess. Hope this helps you out.
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Dogs usually vomit once or twice a day and this is normal if no other sign of illness like loss of appetite, diarrhea and lethargy, weakness etc is present. If vomiting in dogs continues 3 times in one hour then visit to vet necessary. Vomiting of undigested foods in dogs is usually associated with foods and feeding habits. If your dog is eating and playing well then no need to worry. Otherwise, take him to vet. Following are some conditions that can cause vomiting in dogs.

1. Gastritis
2. Excess gastric acidity
3. Overeating
4. Eating rapidly
5. Exercise after taking meals
6. Food allergies
7. Changes in diet
8. Eating of grass or garbage
9. Gastrointestinal obstruction
10. Intestinal parasites
11. Intestinal and gastric tumors
12. Liver disease
13. Kidney disease
14. Heat stroke
15. Middle ear infections
16. Anxiety
17. Stress
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A vomiting dog is hard to treat at home.  They cannot be medicated orally because they vomit the medication.  Dehydration becomes a serious problem too.  Your dog needs veterinary attention.
Contact your local shelter--they may run a low cost or income based shelter.  Some veterinary clinics in your area may have payment plans available.
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After two days...go to the vet.
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My jack russell Teddy has been throwing up almost every morning some times before he is feed. Then in the middle of the afternoon and at night.Do I need to worry. He is 9 years old. Thank you
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If you can't afford care for your animal you shouldn't have one until you can. I'm sure you love your pet but to let it continue to be sick and suffering you are abusing it. There is always a way so find it!

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