Why Does My Dog Throw Up After She Eats?


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Sorry this is an old question, but I feel compelled to add an answer which ties into canine behavior.

**This answer assumes that the dog is not a young pre-weaned puppy and is normally, and has been, eating regular dog food without any other abnormal symptoms or behavior, and that this contributor is not a veterinary professional.**

In raising dogs myself, and discussing such with my brother who also raises dogs, and personally witnessing this behavior, I have to disagree with Annfalkdvm, and with the other "it looks to me like" answers and say it actually can be normal for dogs to not actually "vomit", but instead "regurgitate" immediately after eating. Vomiting, and the characteristic "retching" beforehand is totally different from "regurgitating" where there is no "retching" and occurs in an instant.

If a dog eats very quickly, then leaves the feeding area and regurgitates, it can be caused by instinctive hoarding behavior triggered when strangers are visiting, or any other reason the dog becomes territorial about it's eating area. Dogs can become very protective about their food bowls and if they feel the food is being threatened, will sometimes scarf up as much food as they can very quickly to protect it and then out of site, or away from people/other dogs or animals upchuck the mostly un-chewed food to then later actually "eat it" without the risk of having it stolen by whatever threat the dog perceived.

The key things to look carefully at are:
In what situations does the dog do this?
Are unfamiliar people visiting and in the feeding area when the dog want's to eat?
Is it a chaotic or noisy or otherwise scary or un-normal situation for the dog?
Does the dog start to vomit *after eating normally* under normal daily activities?

If the dog normally eats fine, but becomes protective only when people are visiting, or other animal(s) is/are in the eating area, or under some other situation not familar to the dog, most likely there is nothing medically wrong.

On the other hand, if everything is just "life as normal" and in an ordinary regular day, the dog is vomiting and it is clearly "retching" beforehand and not just scarfing and regurgitating without "getting sick" first, then it should be checked out by a vet.

In any event, it would be prudent to ask a vet about the dog's behavior and any concerns one might have,

The main things to look closely at are the dog's behavior and the surroundings, and whether the dog is vomiting or regurgitating it's food.
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It is not normal for dogs to throw up after they eat.  Some dogs, especially puppies, eat too quickly and will then vomit.  If this sounds like your dog feed her slowly in small amounts.  There are other medical causes for vomiting; many diseases cause nausea.  Inflammatory bowel disease, gastric ulcers, metabolic diseases, foreign body obstruction, stress, liver/kidney disease, and chronic pancreatitis are all causes of vomiting in dogs.
Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian and diagnostics need to be run.
In the mean time you can try giving Pepcid at a dose of 0.5 milligram per kilogram of body weight given by mouth twice daily.  It comes in 10 milligram tablets.
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Your dog is over eating and you need to limit his food supply and also make sure she is eating grass.
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Well I think that you should try holding her and feed her I little amounts that way she could not vomit
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She might have worms so go to a walmart or a pet store and get some dewormer and follow the directions.
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Not eating grass 2 feet of snow here. She plays in it and could have eaten small amount of rock salt but doubt it. She is german shepherd mis at least 50 pounds. She was wormed before I got her but won't hurt to worm her again.
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4 week old german shepherd puppy throws up after feeding her puppy milk ,rest of litter fine

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