What Are The Symptoms Of DeCon Exposure In Dogs?


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What are the symptoms of DeCon poisoning in dogs?

The main symptoms of exposure to the rodent poison DeCon in dogs are as follows:

  • Blood in your pet's urine.
  • Passing bloody stools.
  • Bleeding from the animal's mouth.
  • Your pet may appear weak or lethargic.
  • Your dog may begin to bruise more easily.
If your dog has accidentally ingested DeCon poison, then you will have to take it to a veterinary practice as soon as possible.

The vet will induce your dog to vomit, in order to flush the poison out before it has been completely absorbed. However, if your pet's symptoms are worse, then other forms of treatment may be necessary.

DeCon is a poison which severely thins rodents' blood, in order to kill them via internal bleeding. When a dog or cat accidentally swallows some of this poison, then their blood is also thinned.

As a result of this, vets will normally prescribe your dog a course of vitamin K tablets - in order to reduce the blood-thinning affects of this poison.
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Blood in the stools or urine, bleeding from mouth, nose, gums etc are most common signs of DeCon poisoning in dogs.

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