What Are The Serious Symptoms Of Dog Illness?


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In comparison with basic dog illness symptoms it's easier to observe the serious symptoms of illness in dogs. Following is a list of symptoms that indicate that a dog is facing with some serious problems. If you find and observe any of these symptoms then consult with nearest vet as soon as possible.    Dehydration: To check for dehydration from the back side of neck pinch the skin. In case of dehydration the skin will not return quickly. Dry gums are another sign of dehydration.  Gums State: If gums are pale, blue or white then it s also a sign of serious problem.  Urinating: In a serious disease dog even can't urinate.Being very faint: In serious illness dog can even faint and may collapse.Seizure or Convulsion: If a dog has serious illness then it may has seizure or convulsion also.    Overheated: If a dog's body temperature is very high, i.e. Overheated.Large Abdomen: Large abdomen may cause Gastric torsion (twist in stomach)and peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal lining).In-ability to use back legs: In the serious illness a dog can't even use her back legs and uses only front legs for walking or running.
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Some serious conditions are vomiting, diarrhea, shivering, weight loss, and lethargy. I have a dog that i adopted from an animal shelter and she had worms really bad, well i took her to the vet and got her dewormed and got her started on all of her shots, she got better the day after and then that night she woke me up vomiting and this lasted for about three days along with everything listed above.She would not eat nor drink anything. I could not afford to take her back to the vet so i took it upon myself to get her better. I started with giving her a small dose of pepto about a half a teaspoon, then i would take a small paper cup and put a little Gatorade in it and hold her mouth open so i could force it in her.( don't give to much at a time) Then i started with getting a medicine dropper and mixing sugar with Gatorade and forcing that in her, And to keep her warm i just wrapped her up in a blanket. I really did not think she was gonna make it , she looked so pitiful , she was nothing but skin and bones --but she ended up getting better just because i did not give up on her. SO PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP IF YOUR DOG GETS SICK, I GOT MINE TO SURVIVE SO CAN YOU!
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My Shih Zu/Poodle recently started acting nervous and clingy with me (more than normal) and will not eat his food, but will eat a dog treat. I don't notice any other symptoms with him, but he has been acting this way for a couple of days now. Nothing of any significance has changed at my home either. Not sure what the problem could be.
Any ideas??
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Why would a dog become 'overheated'? My dog had a temperature of 104.5 last night and had all of the sign's of being 'over heated' as you describe below. Took him to the ER but they couldn't find anything. It was somewhat lame on this right rear leg. The vet said it could be the early stages of Autoimmune reaction or Polyarthritis. He is on pain medication but is acting fine today. Wouldn't eat during this episode last night but ate a little rice after the ER. Any comments on this?
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My dog is 9 yrs old and is a cocker spaniel. Her gums are colorless (almost white). Not wanting to eat. Seems tired.
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The serious symptoms of dog illness can be very lethargic,some vomitting,dehydrated, or not to eat in 5 or 6 days.The dog can hardly stand and seems very disoriented.
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My dog is a pit-lab mix, approximately 4 yrs.,70 lbs. Recently had episodes of shaking his head, ears cleaned of wax. No evidence of wax, fungus, bacteria present. Dog is lethargic, cowering, insists on being close to me, appears to be frightened, easily startled, often tries to hide. Seems confused. Frequently sticks tongue out and like mouth is dry,licking lips. Occasionally has periods of shivering (like chills) followed by heavy panting, like he's hot.
Most recent visit to vet, blood work was basically normal. Vets say heart and lungs are good. In generally good health...no answer to his odd behavior.
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This morning my 14 yr old golden retriever, started throwing up, holding his head to one side and his eyes were twitching.
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My dog is eating grass frantically, throwing up and panting after he took himself for a walk in the woods. I don't see any signs of snake bite.
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My dog is always nervous with the fireworks or thunder., but now that it's over he doesn't seem himself. He eats, does his business, but does seem lethargic & has no "oomph"! He just recovered from a sore paw & was doing fine until a week ago when the weather changes. Any ideas?
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My dog has some of those symptoms listed. She is very disoriented, she is having some trouble walking with her back legs, she is lethargic, she has a large abdomen (thought she always did...now not sure)
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My papillon is developing more and more black splotches - like freckles. Is this normal?
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I became owner of puppy at 12 weeks old. He scratched a lot, ate his poop, and was biting his fur off in 2 spots. Then he ate some of his puppy train pee pad, and had to have an operation.
He was put on special soft healthy canned food, and was doing better, but everytime I try to wean him to dry food(good healthy food, not cheap) he at some point starts throwing up again. He now has bad diarrhea and I am exhausted and broke. He does not seem very happy anymore. Please advise, as he may have a very serious illness or something.
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My dog got into our trash can. We took her to the vet and he stated that she had pancreatitis. He gave the a shot ob baytirl and a shot of centine. He also put her on baytril (pill form) for 6 days. One day she is fine and the next day she may vomit a bit. Could the antibiotic pill be making her sick? Otherwise she appears to be on the mend. Pam
Please take your pet to the vet asap. Has your pet been coughing, losing sleep/and or sleeping more. Weigh your dog as well, see if there is a weight change, up or down, especially the enlargement in the abdomen. This could be indicative of congestive heart failure and can be treated with medications and a diet plan as well.

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